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Cancel Your Plans, An Insane Antarctica VR Experience Is Opening This Month

By Rachel Lay
10th Sep 2018

Alright, show of hands who can spend hours upon hours glued to the TV watching our mate Attenborough explore life’s greatest natural wonders? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Keep those hands raised if you’ve ever watched Planet Earth and said to yourself, ‘ugh, I wish I was there’ but you’ve got that pesky job and all of those responsibilities. Firstly, same. Secondly, Perth, we have some big news for you.

Perth is now home to a world first, totally immersive, 360 degree, 4K, VR Antarctica experience at WA Maritime Museum. That’s right you’ve now got the opportunity to live it up as Attenborough for a day—totally first hand, and it's called the Antarctica Experience.

What is it? Well, this world first virtual reality adventure was actually created by Perth local Briege Whitehead. Briege was inundated with offers to premiere the experience across the world, but she naturally chose Freo for its world premiere.

It’s part documentary and part totally immersive experience. Along the way you’ll get to explore Antarctica from a helicopter (and land on a glacier while you’re at it), jump in a zodiac to check on the local parliament of penguins and say g'day to the new babies in the crew, check out the Davis Station and the logistics of actually, you know, surviving in Antarctica, and lastly, you get to check out the Southern Lights in uninterrupted, totally realistic, 4K high definition.

Phew, sounds like you’re in for a busy day. Lucky it’s all 360, VR, right?! Spoiler: the Southern Lights are truly magical. 

The VR nature of the exhibition means you’ll feel like you’re walking in the explorer’s shoes as they work to understand climate change, managing the fragile arctic eco-systems, sustaining wildlife, and researching sustainability. Let's just say this experience is what happens when you actually get a chance to be what you wanted to be when you grew up. 

As if pure, unadulterated learning wasn’t enough, there will also be a freakin’ Instagram ice tunnel with aurora lighting. You can take a seat now, Glossier canyon.

The Antarctica Experience will be at the WA Maritime Museum from September 1 to October 14, with numerous 30-minute sessions running each day. Want to be one of the first people in the world to experience this? Check out the session times and book your spot riiiight here.

Editor's note: this article was produced in partnership with WA Maritime Museum. To read our editorial policy, click here

Image credit: provided. 

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