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Who’s Putting Together The Best Grazing Tables In Perth?

By Holly Nicholls
1st Sep 2019

Grazing Tables Perth

Forget cheese platters, we're all about entire tables covered in cheese, meat, fruit, lollies and everything in between. Grazing tables are where it’s at for basically any event from a garden picnic to a wedding dinner table. More is more when it comes to nailing this style, but we’re happy to leave it to the pros.

Here are the best cheese board curators, multi-sensory food stylists and grazing table experts in Perth. In cheese we trust.

Ginger Pear Graze

Using the highest quality produce from Perth farms and the Swan Valley region, as well as the finest European cheeses, Ginger Pear Graze is the place to hit up for a little bit of everything. From assorted finger foods, sushi and arancini balls to gourmet pizzas, raw desserts, and petit cakes, you’ve got all the food groups covered, and your guests will be happy to know that there are gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options as well.

Euphoric Events

For all the flavours of a classic grazing board, you’ve got to try one of the options from Euphoric Events. With four different grazing table sizes to choose from, you can tailor your feast exactly to your taste, so that everyone is able to get their share of the selection of fresh fruit, cheese, chocolates and dips (to name a few).

The Long Table 

Having the firm belief that food should not only taste amazing but look even better, The Long Table offers up grazing options that overflow with colour and creativity through utilising various textures and natural decor. For whatever function you’ve got in mind, The Long Table is set on capturing the essence of your event, while keeping in mind those who are gluten and lactose intolerant as well as vegetarian.

Carnival Creations

Whether you’re after cheese tower heaven, a breakfast banquet or an all-round ‘graze for days’ spread, Carnival Creations will be right up your alley. In the hands of self-proclaimed ‘boss babe’ Chrystal, you’ll be well looked after, with gorgeous floral arrangements and plush decor to elevate your event and make it the most memorable one of the year.

Feast Signature Grazing

As one of Perth’s premier grazing table companies, Feast Signature Grazing will leave you in awe, boasting conceptual designs and a true eye for detail. Propped up on varying surfaces around an intricate floral arrangement, the produce itself is presented as an art piece, which is ideal for those wanting a beautiful but less-messy option for their event.

KaraKara Lavish Grazing

If lavish is your middle name then Kara has got your back. Without fail, she’ll see your table filled to the brim with all the gourmet deliciousness and will ensure you're blown away by choice. Her food style and business is less structured making it easy to figure out the plan of attack for your event. We also love that she prides herself on sourcing only from WA suppliers.

Table And Plate

While Table and Plate has certainly got you covered for a long table lunch of nibbly goodness, we love them for their stunning platters. With an Italian background, Natalia’s creations draw from her European roots and we’re really happy about it. Let’s just say next time we have a party, we're going to leave it to the expert. No party to plan for? You can order a luxury lunchbox for one. Friday in the office just got a whole lot better.

Tapas Addict

For a style of eating that lends itself to a carefree approach to design, it’s pretty remarkable that everything at Tapas Addict has been put together literally, nut by nut, grape by grape. Tapas Addict's carefully perfected graze boards are as pretty as a picture and the attention to detail is plain to see. And the result? Loaded up loveliness of all the classics. Plus, they're all sorted with a Food Act license, public liability insurance and a commercial kitchen to prep the food in so you can be assured you're getting a legit service. 

Graze By Sherin Pourzand

If a nibbles table came in the form of a Vogue magazine, Graze by Sherin Pourzand would be the front cover. Her styling is simple yet stunning and we have a feeling she'd do a gosh darn good job at styling your entire house if you let her. 

Ultimo Catering & Events

Ultimo is one of Perth’s leading caterers for all style of events, but given their Chefs have Michelin star backgrounds, you know their grazing tables are where it’s at. Think decadence and extravagance for this is the epitome of feeding your imagination.

Lace Petals & Hearts

The team behind this multi-faceted business offers an array of services but it’s their picnic dates that we’re obsessed with. Jess has thought beyond our old picnic rug and awkward plastic wine glass and has brought us luxury in the park-for zero effort. Complete with a full grazing table (on an actual table), music, rugs and cushions, actual glassware and the clean and pack down afterwards. Picnics have become our new favourite thing. 

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Image credit: David Vilches

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