What You Need To Know About Perth’s Black Lives Matter Protest Happening Next Saturday

By Rick Stephens
5th Jun 2020

Hyde Park, the location of the Black Lives Matter protest


This month, the country will see several solidarity protests for the death of George Floyd and as well as the deaths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in custody within Australia. 

Organised under the permission of First Nations Elders, next Saturday's march will take place from 12pm at Hyde Park in support of the Black Lives Matter protests currently taking place in America and across the world. 

Floyds death, among others, has forced many Australians to consider our own history of unjust POC deaths in custody. Those wanting to show support, and are able, are encouraged to join the march this Saturday. 

Attendees are also reminded that social distancing rules are still in place and should be followed on the day. 

Those unable to attend can show support via donating to relevant charities, signing petitions and educating yourself further on the situation. Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:  

Charities and funds you can donate to

Petitions you can sign

Looking for more ways you can help? Here's how you can help end racial violence in Australia.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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