BYO Cup | Save Money At These Perth Cafes

By Chloe Sputore
14th Jun 2017

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We’re quite partial to doing our bit for the environment and we were proud to find out just how many awesome cafes in Perth are doing the same by offering discounts when you bring your own cup.

If you’re a caffeine fiend, like us, your daily coffee is non-negotiable, and caring for the environment doesn’t have to be either. Here’s where you can get on board with the #waronwaste and save money at Perth cafes by bringing a reusable cup.

Source Foods


Bring your reusable cup to Source Foods in Highgate and they’ll give you a whopping 50 cents off your coffee. There ain’t no better way to enjoy their brews made with small batch beans.

Exhale Espresso


You can breathe easy, folks, because Exhale Espresso is offering reusable cup users 30 cents off their cups of joe. These guys also do an epic smoothie bowl!

May Street Larder

East Fremantle

If you bring your reusable cup to May Street Larder they'll give you a 20 cent discount on a small coffee and an 80 cent discount for a large. That's if you can resist sitting down and ordering the soul sandwich of course.

Telegram Coffee

Perth CBD

Even though we didn't think it was possible, we love Telegram Coffee even more upon finding out they serve their coffees with a 50 cent discount when you bring in your own cup. That makes it $3 for an 8oz and $4 for a 12oz—bargain!

Raw + More Cafe

West Perth

West Perth workers, you can be environmentally conscious too, just head to Raw + More on Hay Street with your BYO cup in hand and save 50 cents off your morning coffee. Hells yeah!

George Street Quarters

East Fremantle

You can save a whopping $1 off your coffee if you bring your own cup to George Street Quarters in East Freo. Legends!

Young George

East Fremantle

It seems George Street in East Freo is the place to be if you want cheap coffee. The legends at Young George will give you a 50 cent discount when you bring your own cup so you can spend more money on wine!

The Office On Harrogate

West Leederville

Not only does The Office On Harrogate make some of Perth’s best brekkies (lamb harissa hash with parsnip puree, anyone?), they’re also doing their bit for the environment by offering reusable cup users 50 cents off their brew.

Addison & Steele Specialty Coffee

North Perth

What tastes better than Addison & Steele’s next level coffee? 20 cents off your Addison & Steele coffee plus the added positive vibes you get when you use your reusable coffee cup.

West End Deli Cereal & Sandwich Bar

Perth CBD

West End Deli in the CBD serves the most delicious and elaborate cereal bowls and they're also eco-conscious, offering a 50 cent discount when you order a coffee or tea in your reusable cup.

Greens & Co


By far the best deal in Perth, Greens & Co offer all of their customers $2 coffee when they use their reusable cups. What good guys!

Organic On Charles

North Perth

Grab a coffee in your reusable cup while you’re perusing the aisles of Organic On Charles and spend the 50 cents you have saved on a delicious and healthy treat for yours truly.

City Farm Cafe

East Perth

It’s no secret that the crew from City Farm Cafe are environmentally conscious—they offer a 20 cent discount when you bring your own cup. If you’re taking a break from coffee, their London fog is the!

Pearth Organic Kitchen

West Leederville

You’d be mad not to bring your reusable cup to Pearth Organic Kitchen because they offer 50 cents off your coffee if you do. You’d also be mad not to pick up some of their incredible raw gooey caramel slice.

Myrtle Ivy

West Leederville

BYO coffee cups to West Leederville’s favourite hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, Myrtle Ivy, and you’ll save a sweet 30 cents.

Piccolo’s Corner

West Leederville

Think of all the 50 cent soft serves you could get at McDonald’s if you used your reusable coffee cup every time you get your morning coffee from Piccolo’s Corner in West Leedy. Best plan ever?

The Little Banksia


Tucked away in the suburban streets of South Perth, The Little Banksia serves up some damn fine coffee and when you order one using your reusable cup you’ll get 50 cents off.

Saint Larry Cafe

Perth CBD

Saint Larry is serving some of the most affordable coffee in Perth and when you bring your own cup the price drops to $3 for a 12oz brew. We know who we're hitting up on the daily!

Hoopla Espresso


Order your morning coffee fix in your reusable cup at Hoopla Espresso and enjoy a 40 cent discount. With the money you save you can buy more coffee!

Harvest Espresso

Victoria Park

If you want to up your street cred, order one of Harvest Espresso’s winning coffees with your reusable cup. You’ll save 50 cents and we’ll want to be your friend.

Garden Cafe On Guildford


Our favourite Maylands neighbourhood cafe, Garden Cafe On Guildford, has also hopped on the BYO cup train, offering 50 cents off your coffee order when you use one. While you’re there, definitely grab a slice of cake to reward yourself for being kind to the environment.

Daisies Cottesloe


After you've caught your morning wave, head into Daisies Cottesloe with your reusable mug and enjoy 50 cents off. 



Not only do Hermosa serve dee-licious Spanish eats, they also make a winning brew and offer you 40 cents off when you use your reusable cup. Noice!

The ‘Pear’fect Pantry


Could The ‘Pear’fect Pantry get any more perfect? They offer 50 cents off their coffee when you bring in your reusable cup.

The Sparrow’s Nest

East Victoria Park

Order The Sparrow’s Nest’s crèma brulee (a shot of espresso topped with milk, foam and torched sugar), or any drink for that matter, in your reusable cup, get 50 cents off and never look back.

Flourish Specialty Coffee + Juice


BYO mug to Flourish in Floreat and you'll get a smashing 50 cents off your order. That's more money for their delish sweet treats.



Brew-Ha Subiaco has been offering a 30c discount for 17 years now also offers a 30c discount on bringing their own reusable coffee carry bags back when two or more coffees are purchased. They also give a free coffee for every travel cup sold.



If you're all about exceptional coffee and saving some $$, then head to Tribute with your resuable coffee cup for 40 cents off. With the head barista previously working at Timber Cafe in Harrisdale, you know your daily dose of coffee will hit the spot. 

The Coffee Pod


The Coffee Pod at the Goods Shed in Claremont brews a darn good cup of joe, and if you bring your own cup they'll give you a 50 cent discount. Win.

Filter and Fare


Fear not, Carine residents we have your back too. The legends at Filter and Fare are also offering a 50c discount if you BYO cup.

Looking for more ways to do your bit for the #waronwaste? Check out A Simple Guide To Going Plastic Free.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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