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Find Yourself A Frisbee, Here Are 11 Places To Try Your Hand At Disc Golf In Perth

By Victoria Patapan
15th Sep 2020

Disc Golf Basket in a park

When was the last time you threw a frisbee? Yeah, it’s been a while for us, too. But now, you finally have an excuse to dig out that frisbee that’s been gathering dust for the last decade or so and give it a toss—because we’re about to introduce you to the wonderful world of disc golf. 

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking: what the heck is disc golf, and why do I care? Don’t stress—up until today, we were strangers to it too. But now, we’re total converts. Disc golf is pretty easy to wrap your head around. It’s basically golf, but using a disc (think: frisbee) instead of putting a ball. Tall chain baskets act as holes, and the aim is to land your disc in the basket in as few throws as possible. Sounds simple, right? 

If disc golf sounds like your kind of sport, you’re in luck. Perth has 11 disc golf courses just waiting for you to show off your skills. So round up your mates and give that frisbee a practice throw—it’s time to head to the green.  

Chichester Park Disc Golf Park


If you’re new to the disc golf game, Chichester Park is a good place to start. The course is designed for beginners, with the average hole length sitting just under 100 metres. Plant your feet on the astro turf and perfect your toss as you make your way around the 18-basket course that rings the park. 

Rob Hancock Memorial Disc Golf Course 


Once you’ve caught the disc golf bug, the Rob Hancock Memorial Disc Golf Course at  Cockman Park will no doubt become your new weekend hangout. The park is home to the Perth Disc Golf Club, which hosts tournaments and league days, and oversees the course. Of course, newbies are welcome too, but you might want to take a squiz at the official rules if you want to get serious.  

Alexander Heights Disc Golf Park

Alexander Heights

At just 9-baskets, the course at Alexander Heights is  fairly short—but that doesn’t mean it poses any less of a challenge. It’s free to play, and while the holes in the wooded areas are beginner-friendly, leave the open holes to the pros. 

Pine Lines Disc Golf Course


Pine Lines is a private disc golf course, meaning you’ll have to get permission if you want to test out the terrain. The course is heavily wooded, making it the perfect challenge for players with a bit of experience under their belt. Just try not to lose your frisbee in a tree.  

Mundaring Disc Golf Park


The first professionally-designed 18 hole disc golf course in Australia, Mundaring has certainly earned its claim to fame. Just $10 per person scores you unlimited play for the day, or $20 for the whole family to give the sport a go. With tees designed for all skill levels, Mundaring is a great place to get a feel for the game, and see the pros in action.  

Taylor Reserve Disc Golf Park

Victoria Park

The 9-hole Taylor Reserve Disc Golf Park is set against the stunning backdrop of the Perth city skyline, making it an idyllic spot for intermediate and advanced players. Those aiming for a low score will have to nail a number of technical shots, made all the more difficult by the diverse mix of trees. Head to Taylor Reserve if you’re up for a challenge. 

Curtin University Disc Golf


Home to Australia’s first ever university disc golf course, Curtin University makes getting into disc golf an easy transition. You can purchase a starter pack for $45, or hire your gear for just $10. Once you’re all set up, you can play the 9-hole course for free, and work on mastering your throws. 

Dick Lawrence Oval Disc Golf Course


The first disc golf course to call Freo home, the Dick Lawrence Oval contains 9 tees interspersed throughout the park’s tree line. The subtle changes in elevation around the course provide a challenge for intermediate players without making life too difficult for the newbies. The course is free to play, but keep a lookout for flying balls during game time. 

McFaull Park Disc Golf Park


The course McFaull Park caters to all skill levels, with separate pars at each hole for different types of players. The red course is designed for new and intermediate players, whereas the blue course is made for the pros. Very few trees dot the course, but the out-of-bounds areas and subtle elevation changes are enough to provide a challenge. 

Fantasy Park Disc Golf


Perfect for anyone new to the game, a trip to the Fantasy Park course makes for a great day out. Located just south of Perth, the family-friendly course is free to play, with 9-baskets designed to help you hone your skills.  

Mandurah Disc Golf Park


The Mandurah Disc Golf Park checks all the boxes. This beginner-friendly course looks out onto the sandy shores of Halls Head, providing newcomers a welcoming introduction to the sport. Afternoon winds tend to get a little strong, so make sure your discs are suitably weighted or you’ll lose them in the breeze. 

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Image credit: Don Nichols/Getty

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