Where To Get Drinks And Dumplings In Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
21st Jun 2017

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Have you heard of it? It’s a new term, recently coined by us, which refers to going out for both drinks AND dumplings simultaneously. Yes, a double whammy of fun. 

We’re confident the term will catch on fairly soon, and will be on Urban Dictionary before we know it. But in the meantime, here are the best spots in Perth to get drinks and dumplings... sorry, drumplings.

Lucky Chan’s


The ultimate drumpling destination. Lucky Chan’s make their dumplings from scratch and have sensational options like the scallop dumplings with corn gyoza, sesame soy chicken and roasted pumpkin and cashew. And their drinks menu is quite simply, a sight to behold. Beers, wines, cocktails and so many different types of sake it will make your head spin. Plus, they even have pairing notes on the sake menu, recommending dishes based on your sake selection. Nice.

Miss Chow's


This Claremont hot-spot offers steamed dumplings aplenty, with varieties like BBQ pork, crystal prawn and pork and veg. Their wine and beer list is top-notch, and they also happen to have a kick-ass cocktail menu that includes things like espresso martinis, watermelon daiquiris and the ‘Chow Spritz’—their unique take on the Aperol classic. 

Rice Baby


There are so many different types of dumplings to choose from at Rice Baby. Do you want the Shanghainese pork? Or the chicken and mushroom? Or the seafood and chives? Just order the assorted dumplings platter so you can spend less time deciding, and more time throwing back their tasty pear and elderflower martini.

Sweetwater Rooftop Bar

East Fremantle

Drinks and dumplings on a rooftop, is there any better way to spend your time? Sweetwater boasts an array of both classic and original cocktails; a whole separate menu dedicated just to martinis; beers, wines and ciders; and of course, a nifty little yum cha menu which features pork and water chestnut dumplings with a ponzu sauce. 



An overwhelming assortment of steamed dumplings await you at BamBamBoo—and side note, they offer gluten free dumplings! Coeliacs, rejoice. Plus, they boast an incredible beer and cider list, offer amazing local WA wines from Lenton Brae, Alkoomi and Piero, and—here is the clincher—Midori Illusions. 

Low Key Chow House


The drinks list at Low Key just might blow you away. Loads of wines, beers and spirits. A downright amazing cocktail menu divided into sweet, sour, salty or spicy cocktails. And—just to really overwhelm you—they also have a selection of Asian spirits which includes a SAKE FLIGHT. Have you ever done a sake flight before? We bet you haven’t. Pair that with their dumpling of the day and you have a perfect evening.

Dainty Dowager

Mount Lawley

This rad Asian bar and roasting house has a little something called the Daily Dumpling—a new and unique dumpling offering every single day. It takes the decision-making out of it for you, which is good, because all your attention needs to be focused on their cocktail list. The people behind this bar are wizards, mixing up some of the most inventive cocktails you’ve ever seen, and also offering a neat wine and beer selection of local and international faves.

Apple Daily


Every Thursday night at Apple Daily is Dumplings and DJ’s night, where you can get stuck into some of Perth’s freshest dumplings while listening to the sounds of their resident DJs. And, as luck would have it, they have a sensational drinks list to really top off your evening.

Joy Kitchen


Some of the best Chinese in this city can be found at Joy Kitchen, and when it comes to dumplings, they don’t mess around with their perfectly steamed prawn and chicken dumplings. And what do you know, their drinks list is also superb. Lots of Australian and New Zealand wines, plus local and international beers and ciders. 



If you’re after a fancy drumpling experience, head to Silks at Crown, where the dumpling options include steamed pork and prawn, lobster and caviar, scallop and barbeque pork. Team that with some wines from their exceptional wine list and Bob’s your uncle.

Henry Summer


The crispy chicken and mushroom dumplings at Henry Summer in Northbridge go perfectly with their summer spritz. Grab a seat amongst the greenery and just to try to stop at one plate of dumplings.

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Dainty Dowager | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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