Empty Your Wallet On This Eco-Luxe Yoga Range Made With Recycled Fishing Nets

By Chloe Sputore
26th Jun 2019

Sustainable Yoga Activewear Perth Earth + Society

A love of fashion, health and the planet are what inspired Vanessa Lothian to create local, sustainable activewear range Earth + Society.

The eco-luxe label is perfect for yoga class with supportive leggings, flowing tanks and flattering sports bras, all made from planet-friendly materials.

Their regenerated nylon is what has us most intrigued. Made with reclaimed fishing nets, which, if left alone, take 600 years to break down and take the lives of thousands of marine creatures, the material can be recycled endlessly without compromising quality. Stitched into yoga pants, it’s durable, strong and feels silky smooth on your skin.

Then there are Earth + Society’s bamboo tanks. This super sustainable and eco-friendly material is soft and luxurious, sweat-wicking and made ethically in a small Balinese factory. Fun fact for all the planeteers out there: bamboo plantations are fast growing, use less water, land and pesticides than other materials and produce more oxygen than other trees. Basically, we should all be wearing a lot more bamboo to help save the planet.

So if you love wearing yoga pants and want to contribute to a healthy environment, head on over to Earth + Society’s online store where you can buy their wears in compostable packaging.

Then, deck out your wardrobe some more by paying Perth’s newest activewear, wellness and lifestyle shop a visit.

Image credit: Earth + Society

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