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By Bryce MacDonald
25th Nov 2015

Each month one member of The Urban List team will be sharing their current obsessions, and—shock—not all of it’s edible!

This month, Urban List Perth Graphic Designer, Bryce MacDonald shares his new favourite everythings: from the best sunscreen and shoes, to his new favourite surf shop, here’s what on his radar.

Bellroy Hide And Seek Wallet

Bellroy craft a wide range of high quality and cleverly designed wallets that aim to keep you organised and free from bulky pockets. They also name their products really well because half the time I can't seem to find mine.

Invisible Zinc 4hr Water Resistant Spf50+

To ensure you keep that pasty, pale, Robert Patterson complexion all the girls love these days! This stuff is for the serious sun smart advocates. FYI, use sparingly, a little bit goes a long way.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic Winter EP

If bands like Bon Iver feature heavily on your playlist then you'll probably enjoy the sounds these guys make. Sit back, relax and let your mind wander for a moment.

Urge Hobart Shoe

If it was socially acceptable to go to work barefoot I would, but it's not, so I wear these. They’re super comfy and feature plaited vamp, whatever the heck that is. What more could you want in shoe than good arch support and a little bit of mystery?

The Mantle

The Mantle is funky, fun, full of art and has a really good vibe to it. Pizza, burgers, tapas, beers, wines, cocktails, table tennis, the list goes on. The Mantle is everything great about Freo squeezed under one historical warehouse roof. 

The Briny Trader

So many great new businesses are popping up in North Freo and The Briny Trader is one of them. They're longboard specialists who provide a quality range of surf products and apparel. Support your local surf shop.

Almond Paneled Handplane

Let’s be honest, the surf in Perth isn’t that great even at the best of times, so when summer comes around it can get down right depressing. So when it’s half a foot and closing out a hand plane can be just enough to keep you borderline sane. 

Aeropress Coffee Brewer

Filtering at it's finest, the Aeropress will make every coffee you brew feel like a highschool science experiment. Go for a high quality single origin bean for a smooth, rich flavour.

Rethink: The Way You Live

Stuck in a rut? If you want to inspire and challenge your thinking towards the way you live, this book will do it. Not only is it an insightful and thought provoking read, but the book itself is an absolute work of art.


On their own with a squeeze of lemon, smashed with feta, smeared on your face. Whichever way you like them you can't go wrong!

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