Crack A Celebratory Cider, Funk Is Opening A Second Location Just In Time For Summer

By Claire Logan
11th Nov 2020

Six cans of Funk Cider lines up on table

Whether you’re a cider fanatic or just enjoy dropping in on a boozy wine crawl, the Funk Cider House in Caversham has been a long time fave for sunny arvo sessions. So we were stoked to hear there’ll be more than one Funk to choose from this summer, with a new Swan Valley location set to open in early January.

Taking over the old Swanbrook Winery (formerly Evans and Tate), the freshly renovated Funk venue will boast fun and bright interiors and a massive long-bar with 18 rotating taps, all pouring their craft and preservative-free cider, beer, and hybrids. Yep, they’re committed to producing plenty more than just ciders at this new joint—so much so they’re even dropping ‘Cider’ from the venue’s name in a nod to the expanded range—and we couldn’t be more excited to get stuck into the experimental craft beverages to come.

But while we’ll be coming first-and-foremost to explore all those new drinks on offer, the food options sound just as good. Funk’s new dine-in menu has been built around their drink offering and designed to deliver fun flavour-packed experiences, so you can pick your poison and let one of their team match it to the perfect dish. 

Aside from the venue’s retail offering, we’re also really excited about the increased production capacity. Thanks to the infrastructure put in by Evans and Tate, the new location will be able to produce up to five million liters of frothy goodness each year. So whether you make it into the new venue or not, you’ll be able to find plenty more Funk products around town. And if nothing else, that’s worth cracking a cider in celebration.

You can still get out to the Caversham location but the new Funk won’t be open till January 2021, so you can’t rush there just yet. Keep an eye out for launch dates, though, as this place is sure to fill up fast.

In the meantime, why not check out all the best wineries and cideries in the Perth hills.

Image credit: Funk Cider

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