Get On The Beers And Track Down The Golden Fin To Win Free Beer For A Year

By Olivia Di Iorio
16th Nov 2020

You may be thinking winning a year’s worth of free beer is just ‘pure imagination’, but Gage Roads Brew Co has gone full Willy Wonka on us with their own version of the golden ticket called, drumroll please, The Golden Fin.

To play, all you need to do is purchase a six-pack of the Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale at your local bottle-o, head on home and open it up to see if you’ve struck gold. And we mean that quite literally… with the bottle having a flashy gold label. 

“We all remember the fun of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Golden Ticket. We wanted to recreate that for fans of Gage Roads. The great thing about the Golden Fin is anyone can win. It all comes down to luck and whoever happens to grab the lucky six-pack from the bottle shop fridge,” explains Bec Lauchlan from Gage Roads Brew Co.

Since we all know what happens when you get on the beers, a word of advice is to be sure to check each one as you crack it open, otherwise we might be waiting a very long time to find a winner. Although that sexy golden label that says “You’ve won free beer for a year” is pretty hard to miss, especially if you're on the lookout. 

There is only one Golden Fin to be found in Western Australia, and also in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, with each lucky winner scoring 15 cartons of Gage Road brews—which *should* last you a whole year. Plus, the WA winner will also get a private brewery tour with a mate. Sounds like the perfect excuse to skip out for a six-pack.

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