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Start Prepping Your Stomach For This Insane Dumpling Eating Competition

By Chelsea Lawrence
10th Mar 2020

The time is now to limber your stomach up with some generous feeds in preparation to take on Goody Two’s weekly Dumpling Eating Competition. If you think you can tackle the record held by Goody Two’s venue manager, Julia, which currently sits at a solid 49, then we would suggest dusting your sweatbands off.

In case you weren’t aware, Japanese basement bar Goody Two’s is already killing the dumpling game with their $1 Dumpling Thursday Nights, but the team has decided to spice things up even more with their Dumpling Eating Competition.

The great news is, the dumplings will still only go for $1 each, but if your stomach can tackle over 49 heaven-sent parcels then you can walk out of there without spending a cent. However, be warned, the aforementioned angelic bites can only be tackled by one person in one sitting (cheating is not cool and you will most definitely, unapologetically be disqualified for it). 

Beginning this Thursday 12 March from 5pm to 9pm, or until the dumplings are sold out, the competition will run every following Thursday night—just be sure to hit up the Goody’s staff when you order to let them know you’re competing. 


What: Goody Two’s Dumpling Eating Competition
When: Weekly from Thursday 12 March, 5-9pm
Where: Goody Two’s, Perth
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Shot by Thom

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