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Drink Up, You Don’t Want To Miss Hadiqa’s New Spritz Tree

By Anna Franklyn
28th May 2020

Close up of wine glasses filled with spritz hanging from a metal tree

If you got excited about the G&T Tree from The Flour Factory last week, then get ready to be completely floored by Hadiqa's Spritz Tree. 

If you didn't see the G&T version from Hadiqa's sister venue, let us explain. The 'tree' is simply a metal drinks tower which holds up to nine nice big juicy drinks. Think of it as a high tea platter but for drinks; so much more fun. 

Hadiqa's Spritz Trees are customisable to a certain point—more on that later—but all of them showcase Ketel One Botanicals vodka infused with natural fruit essences. Think cucumber and mint with Fever Tree's elderflower tonic, grapefruit and rose with sparkling mineral water or peach and orange blossom with Giffard blood orange syrup.

Garnishes at the moment range from fresh mint and rosemary to dried rose petals, star anise, cinnamon and dehydrated citrus, but they are seasonal, so expect fresh fruity goodness come spring and summer.

You've got three options to choose between depending on how creative you're feeling and how much cash you've got to splash. The first option is a build your own spritz tree with six drinks and three garnish glasses, so you can create your own bespoke spritz and that will set you back $66. If that sounds like too much effort, you can opt for the nine drink spritz tree for $99 and have all your spritzes made by the pros and delivered to your tables. For those of you feeling fancy, go straight for the luxe nine drink tree with premium mixers and garnishes for $150.

With the current restrictions in place, these bad boys are only available with substantial meals during Hadiqa's Friday and Saturday lunch and dinner bookings, but once things are back to normal you'll be able to get them whenever the mood strikes, which we imagine will be weekly. 

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Image credit: Shot by Thom

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