Don’t Miss Out On This Epic Butterfinger Gelato From Hoodburger And Chicho Gelato

By Anna Franklyn
14th Jul 2020

Close up of a scoop of butterfinger gelato on the ice cream scooper

If you’ve ever tasted a Butterfinger chocolate bar from the USA, you’re probably already on your way to Chicho Gelato or Hoodburger to get your hands on this epic delight.

If not, let us fill you in. A Butterfinger is basically peanut butter blended with sugar candy so it’s a little bit crispy and then covered with milk chocolate. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s delicious, just ask Matt from Hoodburger who became just slightly obsessed with them on a trip to the US.

During lockdown, Matt managed to source some and was selling them at Hoodburger, re-igniting his obsession and leading him to team up with his mates at Chicho to come up with the perfect gelato version of Butterfinger.

After many—pretty delicious—taste tests, they came up with a creamy, crunchy, crispy winner. They start with a salty peanut butter gelato and then jam-pack it with housemade Butterfinger clusters which are not exactly easy to make.

To make these clusters you need to make slabs of honeycomb, pipe peanut butter paste onto each portion, fold the edges of the honeycomb to encase the peanut butter and then start the arduous exercise of stretching the candy before it breaks and repeat to form stringy layers. Leave it out to set before cutting into small pieces then coat each piece in milk chocolate” said Matt. 

If that’s left you drooling, you’ll want to get yourself to either Chicho or Hoodburger asap as this dreamy gelato is only available for two weeks.

Get it from Chicho Gelato by the scoop or in a take-home pack at Hoodburger from Wednesday 14 July.

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Image credit: Supplied

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