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6 Easy Tips To Stop Boredom Drinking And Revitalise Your Immune System

By Sophie Oddo
3rd Jun 2020

While you’d think that the closure of bars, pubs and restaurants would mean a cut back in drinking, our palpable Aussie drinking culture has permeated through to our households, with the purchasing of alcohol having increased since COVID-19.

We get it, the short stroll to the fridge for a knock off beverage is tempting but much like boredom eating is real, so is boredom drinking — and we all know just how easily one beer can become a few, a glass of wine can become a bottle and ‘I’m only drinking one night a week’ can become ‘I’m only drinking Wednesday to Sunday’.

So with the help of Alcohol.Think Again, we’ve rustled up some easy tips to stop you boredom drinking and level up your immune system.

Allocate Alcohol-Free Days And Stick To Them

Alcohol-Free Day's, otherwise known as AFDs are the perfect way to easily manage your weekly alcohol intake, and believe us when we say you’ll thank yourself for it once the day is done and dusted. Allocating designated days will help to keep you accountable and also allow you to take a more thoughtful approach to socialising and having a drink, ensuring they don’t all blur into seven days of drinking. Not only will allocating alcohol-free days keep you healthy by supporting your immune system, but it will also help reduce the risk of alcohol-caused disease, an improvement in sleep, more energy, increased mood and decreased anxiety. Sounds worth it to us.

Eat Well And Stay Hydrated

While we’re all for a Netflix binge, an eating binge is definitely not ideal. Avoiding unnecessary trips to the fridge and sticking to a nutritious and wholesome diet with plenty of water is an easy way to stay away from booze as it keeps you on track and feeling great. We all know how tempting a beer can be when it’s alongside a bag of chips, or how our mouth waters for a red wine with a cheese platter, so if you’re sticking to wholesome nutritious meals, you’ll be less likely to reach for the booze and ruin all your hard word. Also, make sure to keep a water bottle on your desk or by your side to keep you hydrated and stop you from thinking that a gin and tonic is the answer to quenching your thirst. 

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

While your drinks trolley or wine rack might look appealing, it might just start to look a little too appealing at 5pm after a long, hard day at work. While it’s important to practise self-restraint, it also pays to put your alcohol away in cupboards and pantries so it’s not staring you in the face all day long. So, keep alcohol out of sight and out of mind by storing it in hard-to-view places like in the back of your pantry on the top shelf, or in designated cupboards in your house that you normally don’t venture into. Keep your white wine and beer stored away and only refrigerate for drinking when you’ve planned to do so. That way, when you open the fridge, you’re more inclined to reach for kombucha or sparkling water when you’re thirsty.

Get Your Sweat On

While we all know how good exercise is for your mental and physical health, there’s no denying the blocking power that working out has on indulging dabbling in the ‘harmless’ drink here and there. Whether it’s your morning commitment to run with a friend that’s stopping you from cracking open a bottle of red in the evening or the evening weights session you promised yourself you’d smash that’s making you refrain from having a 5pm knock-off, exercise really does help to filter out pesky drinking habits. There’s never been a better excuse to release some of those feel-good chemicals, dial-up your immune system and say no to that vino. 

Switch To Low Or No Alcohol Alternatives

Whether it’s a catch up with friends, a picnic in the park or it’s simply been a long week, sometimes it can be hard to say no. So why not opt for a low or no alcohol alternative? With so many options on the market, there's never been a better time to consider cutting back. If you’d prefer to stick to non-imitation drinks, good quality teas, sparkling water and kombucha are all great alternatives when you’re in the mood for something a little more enticing than plain old water. 

Don’t Stock Up For The Winter

Using the same principles as chips, chocolate, lollies, or whatever foods you struggle to resist, if it’s not around, you can’t be tempted. While many of us like to keep the odd bottle of wine or six-pack of beer around in case the occasion calls, simply avoid stocking up next time you’re at the bottle shop. Research has shown that the more alcohol you buy, the more likely you are to feel compelled to drink it sooner and more frequently, so it’s best to avoid those by simply buying less. Because let’s be real, if you’ve only got one bottle of wine left at home, you’re probably going to feel less inclined to crack it open than if you were to have a case. So next time you’re at the bottle shop, refrain from stocking up on all your favourites and keep it minimal.

There’s never been a better time to work towards cutting back your alcohol intake with the help of Alcohol.Think Again. Find out more here.

Image credit: Zino de Groot

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