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Future Trailblazers | Get Around These 5 Incredible Initiatives Transforming WA

By Rebecca Keating
19th Nov 2020

If there’s one thing we can thank COVID for, it's showing us just how incredible the state we call home is. 

With a tonne of change thrown at us this year, it's been the perfect time to step back and take stock of what really matters whilst exploring the West Aussie goodness on our doorstep. Plus, getting around the West and central city is easier and better than ever before with heaps of new infrastructure projects on the go from Building for Tomorrow. 

From new openings to art installations and heaps of projects on the go, our epic State continues to transform in front of our eyes. So we couldn’t be happier to round up five incredible initiatives to get behind that are transforming WA. 

Load Up On Native Produce With Black Pig Deli

One of our favourite charcuterie and gourmet produce suppliers, Black Pig Deli has expanded to open Little Pig Eatery in the space next door to its well-loved Beaufort Street abode. The team here at Black Pig Deli and Little Pig Eatery are all about supporting and buying local and live by this ethos every day. Whether it's a carefully selected brie or locally cured prosciutto, the place does a damn fine job of showcasing our beautiful Western Australian produce. Part Indigenous-owned, the company has a strong focus on creating opportunities for young Indigenous people and showcasing small batch native-inspired foods. The team has a focus on sustainability, using 100 per cent biodegradable packaging and innovative waste and recycling solutions. They’re even working with supermarkets to get Indigenous-owned product lines into places that are accessible during your everyday grocery run. Pop into Black Pig Deli for your next weekend platter or foodie gift, and while you’re at it, treat yourself to a gourmet toastie and coffee next door. 

Check These Game-Changing Transport Initiatives

We love getting out and about to see everything that’s going on in our backyard. With heaps of infrastructure projects on the go, getting around our beautiful city and regions will be easier than ever before. For the lowdown on everything happening, check out Building for Tomorrow. For now, here’s a few we’re hanging out to see. 

Next time you venture to Bunbury, head to Casuarina Boat Harbour and check out the upgraded Jetty Road causeway. There’s heaps more parking, shared paths, stunning views and upgraded facilities in store for us in the coming months, with the aim of making it easier for everyone to enjoy the area. We’re also pretty excited to see the upgrade of the Two Rocks Marina due to be finished next year. There will be a brand-spankin’ new jetty and boat pens (aka a boat car park for us non-boating folk) meaning the infrastructure will be safer and easier to access. Plus, a new train station underway in Bayswater, Smart Freeways planned for the Mitchell Southbound and a new cycle and pedestrian bridge just downstream of the heritage-listed Causeway Bridge—WA has seriously got it going on.

Go Green At A Social Farm

Community gardens, alternatively known as ‘social farms’, are having a major comeback, and our green thumbs couldn’t be happier. While we’d love our very own backyard market garden, finding the space and actually knowing what to do can all seem like a bit much. Thankfully, social farms are popping up all over the place and you can grab a plot, plant a seed and harvest the fruits (or veggies) of your labour. Even if you don’t want to get your grower on, you may be able to drop your food scraps off for compost, it’s an easy way to put excess food or scraps to use. 

Wondering where to start? Get in with the veterans and take advantage of 26 years of farming experience over at Perth City Farm. Looking for a membership with perks? The annual fee at North Fremantle Social Farm gives you access to compost, seeds and discounts to local businesses. You’ll be part of a community of growers and have access to your very own fruit, veggies and herbs—it’s the perfect recipe to impress your dinner party guests next time round. Check out our wrap of Perth’s coolest community gardens and see where you can get stuck in. 

Immerse Yourself In Sohan Ariel Hayes’s Powerful Artwork

If you’ve ever seen a magical multimedia art installation—you know, the ones with the epic light shows—chances are it's been done by Perth’s Sohan Ariel Hayes, a visual artist internationally acclaimed for his large-scale projects. Hayes celebrates the places and voices of our communities and the heritage of Indigenous people with works including the likes of ‘Boorna Waanginy’ or ‘The Trees Speak,’ the awe-inspiring installation that lit up Kings Park, dramatising the six seasons of Western Australia’s flora and fauna and the crisis our ecosystem now faces. 

Sohan’s recent work includes the ‘Banksia Woodland,’ the centrepiece of Scitech’s latest exhibition Earth Matters: Rethink the Future. ‘Banksia Woodland’ is an immersive, interactive projection that cycles through the six Noongar seasons, showcasing the wisdom of Aboriginal science and the beauty of artistic vision. It’s pretty clear that Hayes is shaping a powerful voice for WA’s art scene. 

Embrace Local Skate Culture With Livid Skateboards 

The guys at Livid Skateboards have a reputation for putting on some seriously cool pop-up style events and local art exhibitions around the place. A couple of years ago they set up shop in Scarborough with Livid Skate Cafe, a space to sling lattes and toast sarnies while showcasing local art, photography and hand-shaped skateboards. The guys here are all about creating a sense of community and just last month expanded into the space next door to open the Fishbowl Gallery, a flexible gallery space designed to exhibit local creatives’ work. Head down the laneway and you’ll be greeted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and Scarborough murals by artists Luke O’Donohue and Ian Mutch. The team at Livid are also responsible for crafting some pretty sweet events out in the lane where they bring together local artists, musicians, photographers and performers. Keep an eye on their Facebook to see what’s coming up next. 

Join us in throwing our support behind these creative and brave trailblazers shaping the future of WA. Lucky for us, WA’s transport infrastructure is getting a major upgrade, making it easier to move around the city and regions and do more of what you love. Check out everything you need to know about the latest projects over at Building for Tomorrow

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