Load Up On Mind-Blowing Cocktails And Tasty Eats At The First Ever Island Dynasty Dinner

By Anna Franklyn
9th Oct 2020

Four cocktails lined up on a bench, one in a coconut, one in a bag and the other two in glasses

If you sometimes find yourself dreaming of David Coomer’s iconic but now defunct Pan-Asian restaurants like FUYU and Star Anise, it’s time to get yourself a ticket to Island Dynasty at Island Market in Trigg.

The five-course dinner is happening for one night only on Friday 16 October and you’d be mad to miss Coomer doing what he does best alongside some crazy cocktails like the Bubble Tea Mule and the Cocktail in a Bag.

The evening will kick off with pork belly Gua Bao and a half shell scallop with caramelised duck neck, peanuts and pineapple. These two snacks are best paired with the optional Bubble Tea Mule which is made with Roku Japanese Gin, lemongrass extract, fresh ginger rub, coriander, Fever Tree ginger beer.

Next on the agenda is the crisp rice pancake with blue manna crab, green mango and nuoc cham and the juicy watermelon with tomato, shiso and gochugaru. Pair those with the Cocktail in a Bag—Daigo No Shizuku Sake, toasted cinnamon and yuzu syrup and fresh watermelon juice—and you’ve got yourself one refreshing course. Even better? The bag is biodegradable so it's a win for you and a win for the environment.

Things get more substantial after that with the wood-roasted king prawns with xo butter, which is perfectly complemented by the My Tongue Thai cocktail—Sansho spiced XO brandy, Umeshu plum wine, fresh lime juice and orange zest and the crispy aromatic duck which is matched with a Chinese Cabernet Sauvignon.

Last but not least, dessert is a pineapple granita served with star anise ice cream and young coconut. If you’re still standing, pair it with the Coconut Blush—pandan infused Souchu, freshly drilled coconut water and white chocolate dust served in an actual coconut—and you’ll leave filled with tropical holiday vibes.

Get your tickets here.

Image credit: Shot by Thom

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