Get Ready To Sweat, KIXXFIT Is The New Health App You Need In Your Life

By Anna Franklyn
4th Feb 2020


Get ready to sweat because the guys behind the new health app KIXXFIT have got some killer workouts waiting for you.

Launched by a couple of young West Australians, Jahney Smith and Lorena Sumich are on a mission to remind us that health and wellness isn't about the glamour shots and model workouts we are so used to seeing on Instagram. It's hard work and, more often than not, involves real sweat and a whole lot of unflattering bending and stretching, but it should also leave you feeling pretty bloody good about life.

KIXXFIT connects real people with real trainers, nutritionists, wellness coaches, counsellors and more. The coaches upload their workouts, recipes, meditations or mindset sessions to the app while users can filter by category or coach. If you're looking for a workout, choose from yoga, Pilates, strength, weight loss or stretching. Once you've had a good sweat, you'll be ready to have a browse through the midset and meditation sessions for everything from morning meditations to journalling how-tos. 

As if all that's not enough, there are also plenty of easy to make, nutritious recipes on the app and we're already drooling over the Snickers Smoothie Bowl.

The free version gets you unlimited sessions but you'll have to be ok with a few ads, while the ad-free pro version only costs $29.97 a quarter (that works out to a measly $10 a month so you can go ahead and cancel your gym subscription right now) or $12.99 a month if you're not ready to sign up for a quarter. There are, of course, no lock in contracts so you can cancel whenever you want. 

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Image credit: The Form Fitness

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