Start Drooling, Perth’s Getting A Dedicated Japanese Souffle Pancake Pop-Up

By Ioana Dragnef
24th Sep 2019

Kumokumo Australia

Kumokumo is about to hit Australia and while our waistlines might be terrified, our mouths are already drooling.

Kumokumo’s specialty is Japanese soft cream, which is another name for soft serve. It's a unique formula you can't get anywhere else in Australia, inspired by the infamous 'Cremia' from Japan. And get this:  it's made with 25% cream and has a 10% milkfat content; the average soft-serve milkfat content is around 6-8%, so these babies are going to be incredibly creamy. 

Now, let’s talk pancakes. Kumokumo’s souffle pancakes will be the fluffiest pancakes you will ever have in your life. Flavours include Tiramisu, Creme brulee, Uji matcha, Black Sugar Boba and Original, which is honey and butter. 

The pancakes are only made from a few simple ingredients like eggs, flour, sugar and milk but the process is what makes them so incredibly fluffy. The trick is to beat the egg whites into a sort of meringue and then fold that into the yolk base, but ain’t nobody got time for that, so thank you for existing, Kumokumo.

Kumokumo’s philosophy is simple: combine the preciseness of Japanese cooking methods with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, so it sounds like an all-around win to us.

Kumokumo will hit Perth during the Night Noodle Markets sometime in April 2020, so keep your eyes peeled on their website, Facebook or Instagram. If you can't wait, they're hitting Sydney next month and Melbourne in November—excuse us while we book flights. 

Hankering for more food news? Check out the new Japanese Izakaya hitting Howard Smith Wharves soon. 

Image credit: Supplied

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