Low Key Chow House’s Little Sister Dainty Dowager Is Opening In Mount Lawley!

By Chloe Sputore
22nd Oct 2015

Dainty Dowager Mount Lawley New Opening

Mount Lawley is getting a brand-spanking-new restaurant from the clever team behind Low Key Chow House in Leederville. Tucked next to Clarences Bar on Beaufort Street, Dainty Dowager can only be described as a 1920’s Shanghai opium den and is set to serve roasted meats, tasty snacks and lots of delicious booze.

Owners Owen Chua, Terry Chua and Chris Rose are hoping for the restaurant to be open in time for the Beaufort Street festival on Saturday 14 November. We had a chat to Owen to find out a bit more about this exciting new opening and how they came up with the name.

“The name of the restaurant is a bit of a nod to a famous empress in the history of China. She was certainly a trend setter for her time and hopefully we can do the same in Perth, albeit in the context of food and not politics and ruling a country,” Owen said.

There will be a heavy focus on the bar menu at Dainty Dowager, with a broad range of booze for those hoping to have a few bevvies with their roast duck.

“The menu, while being Pan-Asian, will this time round be anchored on Chinese roasted meats in all their crispy sumptuous goodness,” Owen Said. There will be roast duck, siew yuk (Chinese crispy roast pork) and char siu barbecued pork. Yum!

If this place is anything like its big sister Low Key Chow House, it’s going to be gooooood! To keep up to date with the new opening keep an eye on the Dainty Dowager’s Facebook page.

Image Credit: Dainty Dowager

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