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Fill Up Your Growlers At This Perth Tavern

By Anna Franklyn
24th Mar 2020

northshore tavern growlers

If you’re looking for a good news story amongst the anxiety-inducing stories filling your news feed, we’ve got one for you.

The Northshore Tavern was among the many places that closed yesterday, but they’ve managed to keep their bottle shop and takeaway meals open to the good people of Perth. But that’s not the good news. No, the good news is that they closed so suddenly they didn’t have a chance to empty their kegs so now they’re offering a killer beer deal.

All you need to do is take down a growler (any vessel with a lid will do, they’ve even said a 2 litre coke bottle will do the trick) and they’ll fill it up for $10 per litre.

Now, I hope we don’t need to tell you this, but PLEASE, make sure your vessels are sanitised to perfection and your hands are washed before you even think about leaving your house. Once you’re there keep a safe distance from everyone else and then get back home to enjoy your cheap beer. Be smart people.

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Image credit: Dan Gold

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