Where To Find Perth’s Off The Menu Burgers

By Chloe Sputore
19th Mar 2019

Off The Menu Burgers Perth Hoodburger

We’re not supposed to tell you this, but there's a secret underworld of burgers that exists in Perth. While many happily visit their favourite burger joints ordering cheeseburgers and fried chicken burgers, Perth’s burger mafia has been sneakily ordering off the menu.

Now you’re privy to this secret land of somewhat limitless burger options, here’s where to find Perth’s off the menu burgers. Hot tip: you might want to call ahead.

Nasi Lemak Burger


Northbridge And Inglewood

Hoodburger’s test kitchen is not so secret, but what it produces is still classed as off the menu so it stays. The Nasi Lemak Burger is a thing of beauty. The chicken is coated in lemak flour, coconut milk and cornflakes, and then fried and loaded into a bun with sambal mayo, pickled cucumbers, fried shallots, egg, peanuts and anchovies.

Savage Burger

Cave Man BBQ

Fremantle And Perth CBD

Specialising in low and slow BBQ, ask for the Savage Burger at Cave Man BBQ in Fremantle and you’ll get a bun double loaded with pulled pork and beef brisket. Add to that bacon, cheese, green stuff and sauces and you have yourself a winning combo. And if you’re really feeling like a heart attack, ask for their Chicken/Savage/Wall mashup and you’ll get all of the above plus a huge chunk of fried chicken and some queso, among other things.

Cluck Cluck Boom / Heart Stopper

Meet & Bun

Perth CBD, Fremantle And Mount Lawley

Meet & Bun is slinging two incredible off menu burgers (and probably more that we aren’t privy to yet). The Cluck Cluck Boom with Southern fried chicken, jalapeños, slaw, tomato, onion, cheese, smoked bacon and house made spicy mayo will make your nose run, while the Heart Stopper—a triple cheeseburger with bacon and melted cheese—might just live up to its name.

Crispy Porchetta

Short Order Burger Co.

Perth CBD

Short Order Burger Co. has got it going on in the off the menu burger department, but last year they came up with a real winner in the crispy porchetta. The aforementioned meat is loaded into their signature soft buns and piled with salsa verde, pickled granny smith apple and anchovy aioli. The kids here are pretty nice and if they have the ingredients on standby we're pretty sure they'd whip one up for you, but you might want to sign the petition to bring it back.  

Barnyard Burger

Charcoal Charlie’s


Enter beast mode; this burger from Charcoal Charlie’s in Currambine is a whopper. It’s got all of the meats you’ll find on a farm—beef patties, bacon, pulled pork and chicken—piled high into a sesame seed bun with cheese and a hash brown.

Donut Eat It Burger

Johnny’s Burgers

Canning Vale

For several years running Johnny’s Burgers has been making their Donut Eat It Burger and while it’s definitely a call ahead item, if you bring them a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts we’re pretty sure they’ll do it for you. Replace your bun with two glazed doughies, fill it with their secret recipe beef patty, American cheese and crispy bacon, and you’ve got yourself this winner.

Phat Bird

3230 Smoke + Grill


Mac and cheese, bacon, deep fried crispy chicken, bacon, American cheddar, coleslaw and sweet BBQ sauce all come together to create 3230 Smoke + Grill’s raved about Phat Bird. This off the menu burger is a must try.

Looking for more amazing Burgers in Perth? Look no further.

Image credit: Hoodburger

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