Where To Buy Plastic-Free Fresh Produce In Perth

By Chloe Sputore
21st May 2020

Plastic Free Fruit And Vegetables Perth

If you’re on a plastic-free mission it can be a little disheartening when you arrive at the supermarket to find more than a third of the fresh produce suffocated in plastic. Had plans to make risotto and need one stick of celery? Too bad, you can only choose from a huge bunch (of which most will go to waste), half a bunch wrapped in cling-wrap or a few pre-chopped sticks in a sealed plastic bag.

Well, Urban List to the rescue! Perth is home to some amazing fresh produce shops that like to leave the majority of their fruit and veg in nature’s natural wrapping.

Pack those reusable produce bags, here’s where to do a plastic-free fruit and vegetable shop in Perth.

Dunn & Walton


Dunn & Walton’s fresh produce is not only plastic-free, but it’s also organic, so you can be assured you’re getting top quality veggies and fruit that’s going to make your insides happy. They also stock loads of delicious bulk goods and while Thursday night tiffin night is on hold for now, they've got loads of delicious takeaway meals you can enjoy at home.

Coventry Village


Coventry Village is the place to go to save bulk cash on your groceries, but it’s also home to plenty of loose produce. MCQ Supermarket stocks everything from bag-less spinach and un-plastic wrapped cabbage to bunch-less spring onions and punnet-free herbs. Do your best to ignore the plastic bags they offer up to customers and pack everything into your BYO reusable produce bags. The Village is also home to a Spudshed, where you can find most of their local produce sans-plastic.

The Little Big Store


At The Little Big Store you’ll find loads of naked, organic, fresh produce—AKA the best kind of fruit and veg. They’ve also got bulk bins, so definitely don’t leave your reusable jars at home. The store’s open Thursday to Sunday, but if you can’t make it during the week they also deliver fruit and veggie (cardboard) boxes filled with seasonal goodness.

Manna Wholefoods

South Fremantle

Isn’t it exciting when you find an unwrapped bunch of celery?! Well, you’ll find that along with loose celery, rhubarb, grapes and mushrooms at Manna Wholefoods. They also stock loads of enviro-friendly solutions, plastic-free almond milk, freshly made salads that you can fill your own containers with and even nude bread.

The Organic Collective

Hamilton Hill

Say goodbye to pre-portioned spinach, you get to decide how much you’re buying at The Organic Collective in Hamilton Hill. This organic grocer also stocks bag-less baked delights from Cariad Bakery and, if getting to the shops is too big an ask, they’ll deliver you a big cardboard box filled with seasonal, plastic-free produce.

Next up, shelf-stable items like rice, flours, pasta, cereal, dried fruit and nuts. Here's where to buy bulk foods in Perth. 

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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