15 Things To Do In Perth If You’re Flying Solo

By Chloe Sputore
26th Jul 2019

Solo Perth

Solo time; you either love it or hate it. But in this world of burnout and constant busy-ness, it’s sometimes necessary for keeping a level head.

It can be hard to change gears, especially when we’re affected by decision paralysis, so we’re here to help you get more out of your alone time.

Here are 15 things to do in Perth the next time you’re flying solo. Can’t decide? Close your eyes, stick out your finger and scroll.

#1 Take A Cooking Class

Always wanted to learn how to bake perfect loaves of bread, make pasta from scratch or simply hold a knife properly? Perth’s cooking class scene is bursting with incredible options; learn how to make sourdough with Matters of Taste, cook up a traditional Indian feast with Salt & Company or book into the latest healthy workshop at The Raw Kitchen.

#2 Learn A New Skill

Workshops are a great entry-level solo activity because you get to chat with other people who are flying solo. You’ll learn a new skill as well as build your confidence in talking to strangers and, who knows, you may even make a new friend. Whether you’ve always wanted to spin tracks like a DJ, get your hands dirty at a potter’s wheel or make cheese, Perth has a workshop for you.

#3 Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

Keen to totally shut yourself off from the world? Sign up for some quality pampering at a day spa. Bodhi J’s Indulgent Escape takes three hours and starts with a steam or infra-red sauna. Then you can sink into a relaxing spa bath before enjoying an aromatherapy massage. Or head to the State Buildings for the COMO Shambhala For Me package—a 60-minute massage and 60-minute Sodashi facial.

#4 Discover The Joy Of Seeing A Movie Alone

If you’ve never experienced the joy of seeing a movie on your lonesome you are missing out. You don’t have to share the popcorn, you don’t have to discuss the film at length afterwards and there is nothing better than sitting in the dark for a couple of hours with no interruptions. Go a little extra and book into a premium session for comfy recliner seats and food service. Our favourite Perth cinemas? Reading Belmont, Palace Cinemas Raine Square and Luna.

#5 Master A New Language

Have you been slack with Duolingo lately? Take things up a notch and enrol in a Perth language course. The MultiCultural Language Centre teaches Spanish, French and Italian, UWA’s Confucius Institute teaches Chinese and Balai Bahasa teaches Indonesian. Here’s how to take your language learning to the next level.

#6 Go Hiking Someplace New

According to scientists, we should all be spending more time in nature (120 minutes per week to be exact), so cue up a podcast, listen to your favourite Spotify playlist or simply enjoy the sounds of nature on a solo hike. Whether you opt to hike somewhere closer to the city or further away, we definitely recommend scoping out someplace new for maximum results.

#7 Discover The Local Art Scene

Galleries are best-explored solo because you don’t have to worry about rushing someone else through or slowing someone down, it’s just you, your art and your mind. Here are 15 of Perth’s best art galleries to scope out next time you manage to snag some alone time.

#8 Book A Staycation

It can be hard to completely switch off and soak in the revelry of alone time at home when you’re faced with a messy house or cupboards that need sorting. The solution? A solo staycation. These are the best boutique hotels in Perth, and many of them offer killer deals. Once you’ve checked in it’s just you, room service and in-house movies. Total bliss.

#9 Go For A Drive

While we don’t advise going for long drives solo (unless you’re really good at staying awake at the wheel), driving somewhere new can be a fun activity for one. Pop on your favourite podcast, pick your destination and set off on a leisurely drive. It’s best if you incorporate a pit stop for coffee and a sweet treat to give the drive a little more purpose.

#10 Browse A Bookstore

As Hemingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” So take Ernie’s advice and make way to one of Perth’s best bookstores. Take your time browsing every shelf, pull up a pew and read a few chapters, before taking your new friend home with you to keep reading some more.

#11 Try A New Workout

Whether it’s working out in a nightclub-esque gym, burning bulk calories on a Megaformer, enjoying a cardio party on a bike or sweating it out at high altitude, Perth has workouts coming out the wazoo. Always wanted to give dancing a go? We’ve got loads of dance classes for adults too. Seeking some solo restoration? These are the most beautiful yoga studios to get downward in.

#12 Go To The Beach

Clock some more hours in nature at the beach. Bring a book, magazine or crossword puzzle and immerse yourself in the sun and salt. Set up an umbrella, bring some snacks and go for a wander on the sand; just don’t forget the sunscreen. You’ll return home feeling completely renewed.

#13 Pat Furry Friends

If there’s any animal that understands the joy of alone time, it’s cats. And Perth is home to two cat cafes that are ripe for the visiting; Subiaco’s The Cat Cafe Purrth and Fremantle’s Cat Whispurr Cafe. Grab a coffee, pat some cats and enjoy the quiet time with your newfound feline friends. You can adopt kitties from both of these places too.

#14 Visit Your Favourite Eatery

To some the idea of dining alone is daunting, but it can be liberating and we encourage you to give it a go. The other diners will be too busy chatting to notice all the people watching you’re doing and you don’t have to share your dessert. Bring a book, read a newspaper, catch up on your Instagram feed or plan a side-hustle, all while being waited on. Looking for inspo on where to go? Find it here

#15 Do Absolutely Nothing

We all know about FOMO, but did you know JOMO (the joy of missing out) is a thing too? Sometimes there’s nothing better than cancelling all of your plans in favour of hanging out with yourself and doing absolutely nothing. Nothing meaning binging the latest and greatest Netflix series.

Ready to hang with people again? Here are the best things to do in Perth.

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