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By Tessa Gallagher
26th Aug 2015

Each month one member of The Urban List team will be sharing their current obsessions, and—shock—not all of it’s edible!

This month, Perth Editor Tessa Gallagher shares her new favourite everything – from podcasts, to raw chocolate, to some kooky embroidery, here’s what’s on her radar.


Mortified Podcast

Not since Serial have I been this excited about a podcast. And by excited, I mean I have been laughing uncontrollably on my morning train commute. A hugely popular live show in the States, each 15-minute episode features a different member of the public reading from their teenage diaries - think revealing stories of their first kiss, worst prom, fights with Mom, life at Bible Camp and reasons they deserved to marry Jon Bon Jovi. LOLZ. As you can imagine, those thoughts and experiences that seemed so important at the time are kinda humiliating when you recite them decades later to a live audience! Raw, vulnerable, awkward, hilarious and absolutely addictive, Mortified is the best thing I’ve listened to in yonks.

Viktoria & Woods Fleece

I love me a cosy jumper and I love me some sweet typography so obviously, after much lusting, this baby has found a home in my wardrobe. I kinda don’t wanna take it off. Ever.

SW Basics Cream

You know how some moisturisers leave you needing more, like 10 minutes after you slather them on? This cream from cult Brooklyn label SW Basics soaks right in and has put an end to my perpetually dry skin. Helloooo winter savior! This magic cream contains only three ingredients (fair trade shea butter, organic coconut oil and organic olive oil) so I know there’s no nasty stuff going on my skin at night, plus at $36, it totally doesn’t break the bank. I’m also a sucker for cool packaging and these jars are saaahh cute. (Side note: can someone puleeeese stock this brand in Perth?)

Ray Donovan Series 3 on Stan

Dark, gripping, terrifying, funny and full of surprises, I like to think of Ray Donovan as Entourage meets The Sopranos and Series 3 is shaping up to be even better than the first two. Big call I know. I cannot get through this series fast enough. The question also remains: Is Liev Schreiber the hottest guy on TV at the moment? #luckynaomi

Xtend Barre Classes

I have to eat a lot of delicious food for my job (tough, eh!) so Xtend Barre keeps my booty in check. I’ve been shaking and sweating through these classes since they started in Perth – they’re super tough, the music is fun, two classes are never the same and I gotta say, I’m well and truly addicted. If it's good enough for Sarah Murdoch, it's good enough for me! Plus, I totally feel smug all day long if I make it to a 6am class.

Rachel Castle embroidery

Her e-shop has me yearning for all the bright and crazy art, bedlinen, cushions, teatowels, clothing and sculptures but it is one of her whimsical embroidery pieces that I am coveting BAD! All one-of-a-kinds that are embroidered by Rachel herself, they are fun, colourful, happy, a little bit cray-cray and would look ace on my bedroom wall. Just sayin’.

Massage at Bodhi J

Getting a new site up and running is hard, guys, so I really, really, really feel like I owe it to myself to book myself in for one of Bodhi J’s glorious deep tissue massages (and maybe a cheeky scalp massage on the side?) This little gem of a day spa may look unassuming from the outside, but walk inside and you’ll be transported to another (better) world of fragrant candles, warm blankets, soothing tunes and serene therapists that have seriously magic hands. Basically, pure bliss! My fave Perth pampering spot, the hardest bit will be staying awake for it.

Pana Chocolate

I’m a raw chocolate fiend and this stuff is the best in the biz. Not only is Pana rich, satisfying and freaking delicious (I have been known to groan with delight as I eat it), it’s full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals so yep, I’m pretty much #cleaneating as I consume it. Right? The Mint and Fig & Wild Orange bars are my absolute faves.

Everything Northbridge

Northbridge is totally having its moment in the sun. Yeah yeah, I’m biased cos its where the TUL office lives but it truly is the neighbourhood that keeps on giving! And it’s growing more rad by the day. Not only do I still love my old fave haunts as much as ever (Wattup Re Store, Northside Books, Kakulus Brothers, Beau Est Mien and The Bird!), some of my new fave spots in Perth have found a home in Northbridge including The Alex Hotel, The Shadow Winebar, Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Joe’s Juice Joint, Sneaky Tony’s, Daphne Café, Sauma, The Gold Digger, Generics, Jimmy’s Den and PappaRich. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

The Chef’s Table at Bread in Common

One of my Freo faves, the folk behind this gorgeous rustic warehouse on Packenham Street serve food that is just as spectacular as the interior (what can I say, I’m a sucker for exposed brick walls and some well hung industrial lighting). I also love that the whole philosophy revolves around bread….because, bread! While I have sipped the wine, eaten the bread, plotted how to recreate the interior in my own home and whiled away afternoons at Bread in Common plenty of times, what I am really lusting over is a group dinner at the upstairs Chef's Table. The round table seats 14 people and the set menu is the chef’s selection of the finest locally sourced, house made and seasonal produce. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a night. Now I just need a good excuse to book it…

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