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The Only Workout Playlist You Need This Winter

By Anna Franklyn
20th Jun 2017

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Working out in winter is tough, we know. It’s dark and rainy and your bed is so much more appealing than pounding the pavement. But if there’s one thing that will get you motivated to kick some butt, it’s a killer playlist.

So we asked music guru and LA Fit’s Head Ride instructor Zac Gower—who has trained the likes of Katie Holmes, Adrien Grenier and Mel B (insert shocked emoji here)— for his latest and greatest playlist. If you’ve ever done one of his Megaformer or Ride classes, you’ll already know his music is the shizz, and if you haven’t, you really should because you’ll burn 800 calories without even noticing—because you’ll be too busy singing along!

Don’t know what the heck MegaRide is? Find out here!

Image credit: Alice Moore Unsplash

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