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Start Planning, Here’s How To Live Your Best Life In Iso This Long Weekend

By Anna Franklyn
13th Apr 2020

Your long weekend road trip might be cancelled but there’s no need to mope. The Easter long weekend is certainly looking a little different to what we imagined, but there are still plenty of ways to have a bit of fun, even in lockdown.

You can still support your local cafes and restaurants by picking up takeaway eats, load up on Perth’s best hot cross buns and have Easter treats delivered, but if you need more than just food to get you through the long weekend, you’ve come to the right place.

From virtual vacays to baking extravaganzas and boozy Easter egg hunts, here’s how to spend your long weekend in lockdown.


9am Get Zen

You might be ready and raring to work up a sweat with a run or an online HIIT class, but before you get to that, take 10 (or 30, if you can hack it) for a little meditation session to start your weekend right. Take a minute to stop, breathe and remember all the things you’ve got to be grateful for; you’ll forget about those cancelled plans in no time. If you want to take it a step further, physically write down three things you're grateful for, it’s a sure-fire way to boost your mood.

9:30am Sweat It Out

Now that you’ve tended to your mental well-being, it’s time to get physical. Get some vitamin D with a run or a long walk, or take to your lounge room for an online workout, yoga sesh or dance class. Once you’re done, treat yourself to a killer breakfast and get ready to channel your inner Nigella.

11am Bake Up A Storm

Even if you’re not usually much of a baker, we’re willing to bet you’ve at least thought about it since lockdown hit. Considering you’ve got nothing but time this weekend, why not try your hand at recreating this epic Easter cake, have a crack at making the perfect batch of Hot Cross Buns, or check out all our recipes for more ideas.

3pm Do Something Productive

It’d be easy to sit on the couch and get the Netflix binge started, but if you start now, will you ever stop? We know that by the end of the weekend we’re all going to be in food and sugar comas, so today is the day to tick one of those iso jobs off your list. Tackle your wardrobe, your pantry or your photo roll (or one of these ideas) and feel good about sliding into cocktail hour.

6pm Eggspresso Martini Cocktail Hour

Round up your mates (on Zoom, of course) and have a crack at making this epic eggspresso martini for a mighty fine night of quarantine. All you need is a nice big Easter egg and a few basic ingredients to make the espresso martini but if worse comes to worst, we reckon a good glug of red wine in an Easter egg would go down pretty well too.

7pm Feast On Your Favourite Seafood Dinner

If you were organised, you would have had pre-ordered your seafood feast from Odyssea or picked up a seafood pack from The Wembley. For the rest of us, here's where to find fresh seafood in Perth this weekend. If you can't be bothered cooking,there’s nothing better than good ol’ fish and chips from your local.


9am Take A Virtual Vaycay

You went to bed early and you’ve already been up for hours doing a bit of meditation and practising gratitude, right? So now it’s time to settle in on the couch for a virtual vacay to the US of A. Hit Yosemite National Park, Salt Lake City or the Museum of Modern Art plus plenty more, all minus the jetlag.

11am Brunch Time

Your real-life brunch might have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it at home. Organise the virtual brunch, send your mates the link and pour yourself a mimosa. While it might not be the same as seeing them in person, you won’t have to cater to anyone’s weird dietary requirements (or share your hot cross buns), so count your blessings.

3pm Get Your Binge On

If you had one mimosa too many at brunch, never fear—there’s no need to be productive today. In case you missed it, Stan is dropping Parasite early and Saturday 11 April is the day so queue it up and get watching. If you’ve already seen it, try the binge-worthy four-part series everyone’s talking about or jump on the Disney+ Bandwagon. We’ve also gone and found you the best movies on Netflix, the best feel-good movies on Netflix, the best tearjerkers on Netflix, the best comedies on Netflix the best shows on Netflix, the best movies on Stan and the best shows on Stan the best free-to-air shows, plus a bunch of streaming services that aren’t Netflix or Stan. So don’t tell us there’s nothing you want to watch.

5:30pm Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D

You’ve been to the USA, you’ve caught up with friends, you’ve watched one of the greatest movies of all time; now it’s time to hit the great outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, go for a run or walk along the beach and you might be lucky enough to catch a sunset—always a good way to round out the day. If not, just get outside in the sunshine and move a bit. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s nothing more important than your physical and mental health right now and a good dose of vitamin D and some exercise will help both.

8pm Party With Club Humble

Pour yourself a drink and tune into the Club Humble live stream for some of the best Humble DJs from 8pm this Saturday night. You might even want to dial in some friends to really get the house party going.


10am Boozy Easter Egg Hunt

If you think Easter egg hunts are just for kids, think again. Whether you’ve got a huge backyard to squirrel things away in or you live in a tiny apartment, it’s time for you and your housemates to get creative. Hide anything from mini spirits bottles and jello shots to cold hard cash and notes with truth or dare options on them. You could always throw in some actual Easter eggs too, adults like those too. If you happen to have plastic eggs you can hide things in that’s great, but we won’t judge if you’re just hiding jello shots in the bushes.

12noon Family Lunch

It wouldn’t be Easter Sunday without a roast lamb with the family, so set up that virtual party; you’re surely getting good at it by now. If your parents still haven’t quite mastered the art of the virtual catch up, remember to give them a little one on one love and teach them before the party starts.

4pm Stretch Your Legs

If you didn’t have to search very far to find your Easter hunt goodies, it’s time to get moving. Whether you head outside for a stroll, try an online yoga class or opt for a sweat-inducing HIIT workout, we promise you won’t regret this once the endorphins kick in.

7pm Games Night

If you were clever enough to hide some truth or dare notes in your boozy Easter egg hunt, now’s the time to play. Hit the tunes, pour yourself a glass and get to know your roomies a little better. If you need some inspo, check out these ideas. Not into truth or dare? Crack out your board games, puzzles or a pack of cards; it’s time to get competitive.


10am Take A Virtual Class

It’s day four of the long weekend and you’re likely getting a bit antsy, so it’s time to try something new. Lucky for you, there are plenty of online classes to be done. West Australian Opera is offering free virtual singing classes every Monday for the next six weeks, Curtin’s Noongar Language and Culture classes are currently on offer for free and if those don’t tickle your fancy, we’ve found more great online classes to try here.

12noon Get Cultured

If you’re looking for a bit of culture, visit Aboriginal Contemporary’s first ever virtual exhibition right here. Badem Mawoondool—red ochre, white ochre opened on Wednesday 8 April after the Bronte-based gallery decided to curate a show using a single colour—dusty pink ochre—to celebrate East Kimberley art. The works come from some Kimberley greats including Queenie McKenzie, Paddy Bedford, Freddie Timms and Rammey Ramsey, so you’ll want to give this a look in.

3pm Try Your Hand At Pickling

It’s the end of the weekend and we’re willing to bet there are a few vegetables at the back of your fridge that are looking a bit worse for wear. You probably know you can pickle cucumbers and cabbage, but in all honesty, you can pickle just about anything. Here's a step by step guide

6pm Treat Yourself

It’s the end of the long weekend. You made it, hopefully without any major meltdowns. Treat yourself to an indulgent dinner from one of Perth’s best restaurants doing takeaway and you might as well go ahead and add dessert to your order.

Want some tasty Easter treats delivered to help you through the weekend. These Perth spots are delivering Easter eggs, hot cross bun flavoured gelato, cinnamon buns and more.

Image credit: Griffin Simm

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