Start Downloading | 6 True Crime Podcasts That Will Keep You Up At Night

By Sophie Hart
4th Nov 2019

So, you’ve binged everything from Serial to S-Town and now you’re on the hunt for your next true crime obsession. Well, lucky for you, we know your sordid love affair with true crime knows no bounds, which is why we’ve partnered with Fremantle Prison to bring you six of the most dangerously addictive podcasts for your next binge. 

From Perth’s dark past to unexplained disappearances, get ready to plug your ears with hours of terrifying cold cases. Expect serious chills. 


Join investigative journalist Rachael Brown as she takes a deep dive into the horrific 1980 murder of Melbourne mother of two, Maria James. Police described it as a ‘ritualistic murder’ with evidence pointing towards at least six suspects, including two local priests. With the killer still out there and revelations uncovered through Trace bubbling to the surface, late last year the coroner made the decision to reopen the cold case. Terrifyingly gruesome, bring yourself up to speed on this tale of injustice as new developments unravel in real-time. 

Phoebe’s Fall 

A major investigation by The Age newsroom, this podcast follows the story of Phoebe Handsjuk who was found at the bottom of a garbage chute in their luxury apartment building in 2010. She plunged 40 metres, feet first, to her death which begs the question: how did she get into the chute and why? She lived 12 storeys above with her boyfriend Antony Hampel but the coroner ruled the case as a ‘tragic accident’, though the family doubts this version of events was even physically possible. Plug your ears with Phoebe’s Fall to hear the full sordid story. 


Sometimes fact is scarier than fiction and this couldn’t ring more true for weekly true crime podcast, Casefile. Narrated by an anonymous host (our skin is already crawling), each episode looks at a different solved or cold criminal case. We recommend starting with episode 31, a sinister tale about the disappearance of four women from around Perth (some from the same Highway the Claremont victims were abducted from) which strangely raised hardly any media attention. Hit play on this gripping tale that unfolded in our very own backyard. 

Bear Brook

Two barrels, four bodies, and a decades-long mystery. In 1985 a hunter walked through Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire and made a grisly discovery of two 55-gallon drums in the woods, each with two skeletons inside. Plug your ears with Bear Brook, a seven-episode series that not only dissects an eerie tale but also offers in-depth reporting on how this case has revolutionised police work and how murders will be investigated forever. 

Missing Alissa

When a 17-year-old Phoenix teen vanished in 2001, most agreed she had run away to California. With plenty of twists and turns, each episode will take you on a spine-tingling ride that leads to one likely conclusion: Alissa Turney never made it far from home. For an absolutely terrifying listen, throw Missing Alissa onto your airwaves. 

Up And Vanished

A staple for every true crime buff, if you haven’t already, start downloading Up And Vanished immediately. Not for the faint of heart, each episode dissects a cold case with the host going to great lengths to produce one of the best true crime podcasts ever made. In one episode he even crawls under a house with his microphone where he thinks a body may be buried. Creepy stuff. And we’re totally into it. Do yourself a favour and jump on the Up And Vanished bandwagon. 

Now you’re all up to speed on the most binge-worthy true crime podcasts, it’s time to take your true-crime love affair to the next level with an after-dark or true crime tour of Fremantle Prison

You’ll hear how Perth’s real-life sinister stories gripped the community: tales of executions gone wrong, how the innocent were unjustly imprisoned and how the guilty were punished. We can’t wait. 


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