A Guide To Date Night Dining in Sydney

By Anna May
25th Jun 2015

Finding a date night spot in Sydney can be more stressful than it may sound. Doesn’t matter if you’re meeting a blind date, if this is your hubby, your lady friend, or the mate you’ve been trying to tune, there’s always a good Sydney restaurant or bar to take the object of your [potential] affection. We’ve found the perfect location for every type of rendezvous, even if you’ve got a mate on stand-by in case they are, God forbid, a Nickelback fan. 


The Romantic Date at China Doll

Prepare your stomachs, livers, and bank accounts, this is a date night for the couple that wants to pull out all the stops, yes: on a Monday. Unquestionably one of the best restaurants in Sydney, China Doll is one of our go-to spots for a touch of romance. If you’re big eaters (of course you are), go for the two-person banquet and get lost in a sea of crispy pork belly and sago pudding. Are you the types to get a little merry by the water? We like your style. Cocktails are a-flowing, we can never turn down the Añejo & Spiced Walnut Blazer, ever


The Group Date at Flying Fajita Sistas

Don’t be the couple people forget about; get your mates together for the ultimate group date at Glebe's Flying Fajita Sistas. If you're into tequila, this is a good chance to make your way through their selection: it's got everything from Patron to Herradura so things can get fiery with your mates. If you're starving, the $40 per head set menu is the way to go, because sharing is caring, and the delicious banana chimichanga is the stuff of great romance. Found yourself with a competitive lot? Be sure to get stuck into their famous 'Wall of Pain', and pick out the hottest sauce you can. Because what is more romantic than a bottle labelled 'Rectum Ripper'? That's right, nothing.


The Thrifty Date at The Hayberry

This one is more recommended to those in more, erm, comfortable relationships, or those that just want to let their freak flag fly straight away. There’s no point trying to keep your chin clean when faced with the best Buffalo wings in Sydney, especially when they’re $1 each on Wednesday nights at The Hayberry (we’re not kidding). Just don’t be the couple that wipes each other’s faces. Vom. 


The Quick Date at Luyu & Yum Yum

Thursday meet-ups are stressful, but it doesn’t mean your date should be Walter White and a ménage-et-trois with Ben and Jerry. It also doesn’t mean you should be subjected to a four course feast while old-mate-used-an-old-picture-in-his-profile chews your ear off about bird watching. Head to Newtown’s Luyu & Yum Yum for some damn good dumplings that will be piping hot and on your table nice and quick, just in case you need to run. 


The Boozy Date at The Wild Rover

The week is over, your emails are irrelevant for a few days, hopefully it’s payday, you know what to do. And the guys at Surry Hills bar The Wild Rover will help you do it. We like to work our way through the menu, starting with a refreshing East Harlem, then working our way down to the Auld Fashioned. Just be sure to get a cab home, party people. Plus, the bar always have plenty of freshly shucked oysters on hand, so, you know…


The Activity Date at Centennial Parklands

Right, outdoorsy types, it’s time to get out of the house and on to that horse. Literally. Centennial Parklands offer a horse ride through the picturesque park before a breakfast or long lunch at Centennial Parklands Dining. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals, so stop talking about becoming more at-one with nature and start doing. PS. Yes, we know this is a day-date, but you can still drink, so don’t panic.


The Casual Date at Ms Miller

This Cammeray restaurant is the ideal spot for tapas and a chilled out hang with tunes. Sundays are for cheesing, just in case you didn’t know. A few farewell-weekend glasses of wine and a selection of cheeses is the way to go if you’re playing it cooler than polar bear’s toes. Of course you are, you big stud you. If you want to go bigger, a jug of sangria will only set you back $28 at Ms Miller, and has been known to increase your chances of getting lucky. Or so we hear.

Image credit: Prudence Blain at China Doll

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