Al Aseel | The Verdict

By Ange Law
7th Jun 2017


When it comes to Sydney's Lebanese restaurant Al Aseel, people generally fall into one of two camps—you either like lemon garlic chicken, or you looooooooove lemon garlic chicken. I am a long-time, staunch member of the love club, so settle in and listen up people, because I’m about to give you the run down on all of my favourite dishes at what I really believe is one of Sydney’s best foodie gems. Yes, you should be excited. 


There’s an Al Aseel restaurant in Greenacre and Alexandria (both great), but if you really want to commit to the bigger portions and a cheaper price tag (of course you do), then head for Greenacre. We’d bet that it’s closer to your house than you think and even if it isn’t, it’ll be oh-so worth it. 

Now onto the food and that favourite dish of all time I mentioned earlier. You’ll want to take a couple of friends along, or prepare for the doggy bag walk of shame (or fame, in our opinion). Ordering up big here is the name of the game and we suggest that you do too. Don’t bother with ordering entrees and mains, just order anything that looks delicious and undo the top button of your pants in preparation. 

Right from the top I’ll tell you that the lemon garlic chicken is my ultimate bae. You’ll want to order it and then not share (we won’t blame you). Chunky cut chicken, doused in creamy yoghurt, garlic, and lemon sauce—ICYMI this one is one of my favourite things to eat in the whole world. Weeks have been spent craving this meal, so if you don’t order it, then we can’t be friends. Seriously. 


Next, it’s alllllll about the sides—order tabouli, hommos, fattoush and your weight in garlic sauce, because you’ll want to spread that little baby on everything. Their hommos is creamy and impossibly smooth, the fattoush is zingy and fresh (necessary with the amount of garlic you’re about to eat) and the tabouli is authentic, fresh and just plain yum. 

If we were you, we’d also order the lamb kafta, because it means that you might get away with not sharing the lemon garlic chicken. Also order the msakaa, which is a traditional fried eggplant cooked with capsicum, garlic, onion & tomato—it’s soft, creamy, and everything you could ever want in fried eggplant. 


For anyone who has food intolerances, allergies, or just specific foodie preferences, you’re in luck! The menu at Al Aseel is very detailed, so whether you’re a coeliac, allergy-prone, vegan, or lactard—you’ll have plenty of options. This one is one of our ultimate faves for a reason guys. 

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Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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