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Where To Head For The Best Keratin Treatments In Sydney

By Jessica Best
27th Mar 2018


Basically, we all want our locks to mirror smooth and manageable waves but let’s be real, we’re not all blessed in the halo of hair department (no matter how many times we GHD the hell out of it). 

And just for you, we’ve brought all these cheeky treatments to the forefront meaning you’ll find everything from Sydney’s cheaper to more luxe treatments all below. Yep, these bad boys will certainly fix and reduce the glorious F-bomb we don’t really like to talk about. Frizz.

Here are the best places to head for a keratin treatments in Sydney.

Marli Rose

Alexandria & Beaconsfield

Step into Marli Rose and settle in guys, because this place (both salons, in fact) are so beautifully fitted out, you’ll feel right at home. Owner, Jana, and her team of hair wizards will take to your tresses with a Bhave keratin treatment and we can personally vouch for it changing your life and lasting at least 4 months (and counting). 

Ebony Hair


Basically, if you’re wanting your hair to follow in the footsteps of liquid silk, Ebony Hair is your go-to. These legends promise to soften harsh and frizzy curls and wipe out anything that remotely resembles the ‘F-word’.

Hair By Phd


The team here have been smoothing the untamable for yonks so they’re a glorious bunch of peeps to entrust with your frazzled mane (to make it, you know, un-frazzled). And the best part is, these guys use a formaldehyde-free treatment ie. no bad chemicals.

District Salon


You can’t really go wrong with an internationally trained and highly experienced crew of hairdressers which is why District Salon is one of the top places to cruise on by for all your keratin needs. And FYI they also have private massage chairs because why not?

Lily Jackson Hair & Make-Up


For your glossy #hairgoals, Lily Jackson will have you well looked after. These guys offer up a treatment that will dramatically, and we mean dramatically, reduce the time you play around with your hair in the mornings. They’re also big on customising your treatment for your exact hair-type so rest assured there’ll be no cookie-cutter treatments here.

Christopher Hanna


So it’s not every day your hair salon serves up a Bloody Mary with their keratin treatment but at CBD salon, Christopher Hanna, it’s kind of the norm. You’ll see a massive upgrade in the quality of your hair that’ll let you enjoy your lush locks for a pretty solid amount of time too.

Robertson Kirkwood


Robertson Kirkwood does a damn good keratin smoothing job but not just that, this squad also schools you on upkeeping your new ‘do and the best care regime based on your own hair structure.

Wink Hair


If you’ve ever thought about giving your hair the complete rejuvenation therapy, look no further than Wink Hair. This keratin treatment gives your dishevelled mop (let’s be honest now) a super deep and silky makeover that’ll have your hair looking like a running waterfall.

La Unica Salon


This epic Sydney salon offers up several types of keratin treatments which means you’ll literally be head over heels for your new and improved head of hair. AKA the softest thing you’ve ever felt. And we dare you to go somewhere with all the humidity because chicas, your hair won’t even budge.

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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