The Best Macarons In Sydney

By Anna May
11th Nov 2014

No explanation needed: you love macarons, we love macarons, even people who claim not to be fussed about macarons end up polishing off an entire box, using the excuse that there were so many flavours and curiosity got the better of them. Unlike others, we don't waste our energy fighting our love for these sweet (or savoury), crispy, gooey and all-around addictive bites of heaven. 

So, in no particular order, please enjoy our list of the best macarons in Sydney. We make no apologies for this article's influence on your waistline or wallet.


Arguably Sydney's best cake shop and definitely our favourite place for a sneaky visit that turns into a shopping spree, La Renaissance is famous for its oh-so-tempting little morsels of hope. Our favourites include the dark chocolate and orange (which may or may not have caused an office squabble over who deserved it more), the classic salted caramel and the delicate jasmine green tea. The guys behind La Renaissance even decorate their famous cakes with these heavenly bites. We wish you all the luck in the world stopping at one – truly. 


Bonjour, sweet tooth! Sometimes tea and a sweet treat is just what the doctor ordered, and Ladureé do a lovely ladies high tea that will take you to heaven in half an hour. You'll be hard pressed to choose between the subtle rose petal flavour and the purple-coloured spice and soft fruit flavoured macarons that are fresh off the plane from Paris. 


These hand-made delights are the prettiest way to treat yo' self (or someone else) with some sugary goodness. As is the way with macarons, the flavours are a nice mix of out-there and more classic; we love the smoked vanilla and pecan praline as much as we love the blood orange and carrot or toffee apple. Some MakMak macarons are even adorned with a slight metallic spray, so they're perfect for gifts and special occasions. 


You didn't really think we'd leave good old Zumbo off this list, did you? Adriano has had people queuing for his macarons for years, and it's no surprise when he serves up crazy rotating flavours like blueberry pancake, toasted marshmallow and even Vegemite alongside more humble flavour combinations. After all that queuing, odds are you'll end up with a 40 pack and definitely won't be sharing.


Don't be fooled by Cre Asion's industrial concrete exterior, the sweets inside are pillowy soft and the service is warm. With literally heaps of brightly-coloured macarons to choose between, the selection at Cre Asion offers fruity flavours like raspberry lychee and orange blossom, alongside richer flavours such as yoghurt or dark chocolate. Be sure to grab a cup of Single Origin Roasters coffee while you're there for a blissful combination. 

Sweet tooth still on the hunt for a hit? Check out more dessert options in the Restaurants and Cafés section.

Image credit: Ladureé
e-News credit: Pinterest

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