The Best Ribs In Sydney

By Milly Ellen
27th Jul 2014

Vegetarians beware—this is not a safe place for you to be. For the Neanderthal in all of us, ribs are beloved as much for their taste as for the fact that they allow us to embrace inappropriate table manners and revel in primal foodie heaven. Don't wear white, don't go on a first date, and definitely don't plan on moving for a solid hour following the meal. We've got the best in the business for a ribbing good time lined up and ready to conquer like the savage, barbequing beasts we are.

Behold, our picks for where to get the best ribs in Sydney.

Mejico | CBD

From 'market to table', as Méjico on Pitt Street say, everything here is fiery, fresh, and traditionally Mexican. For a Homer Simpson moment of pure pleasure, tuck in your napkin and dig in to the beef short ribs glazed and braised in smoked honey with chipotle marinade and pickled onion. If, somehow, you're not yet satisfied, top it off with the cinnamon-spiced churros with cajeta. Comer hasta!

Porteno | Surry Hills

South America understands the needs of the stomach better than any other place on earth. In the spirit of meat feasting, Porteño has harnessed the traditional cooking methods of Argentina with a parilla (barbeque) and asado (pit of fire) slow roasting their pork, lamb, and yes, their Tira de Asado beef ribs, too. Match this Argentinian plate of joy with some vino and plan your imminent migration to Buenos Aires.

Ribs & Burgers | Neutral Bay

These guys are the no-fuss, no-flash lads who know what you want. Ribs. And. Burgers. You've got a choice between beef, lamb, or pork ribs, with all three having been slow-cooked for 8 hours and basted in their 'secret' recipe. The butchery style presentation and rustic décor of Ribs & Burgers will suit the primal desire to rip into your meal, and it's a great spot for a lazy lunch or lengthy dinner in Sydney.

Hurricane's Grill | Multiple Locations

If you can handle others witnessing your vicious rib gluttony, this is the place to bring friends and family if you're on the hunt for the best ribs in Sydney. Following on from suggestions made by customers, the Rib-Tastic Trio is a feast fit for medieval kings and includes half racks of beef, lamb, and pork. Despite the fact that surpassing the ribs would be a fatal error in judgment, Hurricane's Grill has a mind-bogglingly vast menu and can cater for anyone at any age with any dietary requirements. But why not just get ribs?

Papi Chulo | Manly

Christopher Hogarth and Patrick Friesen of Papi Chulo have got something magical in the sauce that coats their six-hour smoked lamb ribs. In the tradition of the American Deep South, this is not a place for the health conscious or faint of heart. The Papi Chulo BBQ platter is perfect for a pair and if you haven't already fallen into a food coma, the banana split with fudge, praline, peanut butter ice cream, and cherry jam is so decadent and bursting with yumminess it's impossible to pass over. 'Murica!

Boca | Darlinghurst

Boca is an Argentinian party palace for those looking to celebrate and share a bottle of wine (or three) with their Parrillada Gaucho for two! You will be openly laughed at and quietly pushed out the door if anything vaguely non-meaty is ordered and their classic parrilla roasted beef short ribs are best enjoyed after starving oneself for a minimum of 8 hours. Start the festivities with the nortenas empanadas, compliment with a bottle of Alma Negra Misterio malbec, and dig in to some of Sydney's best ribs—ole!

Street Market Asian Tapas Restaurant

While the good folks at Street Market Asian Tapas don't specialise in ribs, the cheap and cheery sticky lamb ribs in hoisin sauce will redefine your perception of what a good rack of ribs should be. The lamb is perfect for a quick bite to eat or in a group feast—along with some choice favourites from the hot tapas menu, like the roast pork belly pancakes or the garlic-buttered tiger prawns. You won't eat yourself into debt and the fusion of Asian and South American staples is surprisingly awesome!

Mr. Wong | CBD

Another surprising dinner winner, Mr. Wong's Cantonese delights are only enhanced by the spicy Angus beef short rib, cooked 'Shandong style' with generous loads of chili. Wong's Chinese cuisine is gentle on the stomach but fiery on the tongue and the décor is definitely easy on the eyes. Eat like the Cantons do and order far too much for far too few people and share everything! (Except the ribs. Keep that for yourself.)

Have we missed your pick for the best ribs in Sydney? Let us know!

Image credit: Hurricane's Grill

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