Best Spots For Healthy Eating In Sydney

By Jessica Best
5th Jan 2017


Cut the chips Sydney, it’s time to jump on the health bandwagon. This is the type of list you need for those times when you’ve had one too many scoops of gelato. And then needed a burger. Washed down by a freakshake. Don’t stress, we gotchu.

We all know that if it’s healthy, you can eat as much of the good stuff as you want—and then more. Obvs.

Here are the best spots in Sydney for getting your healthy eating on (and making up for all that damn good pizza).


Crows Nest

Get your natural and organic produce hit at AboutLife. These guys are hella good at making eating well super, duper easy (so that’s a win by our standards). Cue delicious food bars filled with fresh salads and hot pots, plus a cafe serving up superfood burritos and the best damn granola parfaits around.


Castle Hill + Surry Hills

The awesome crew at Youeni plate up simple and delicious food and to make it even better, they also serve speciality coffee (filtered, cold brew— you name it, they’ll caffeinate it). Let’s just say a sure way to get that summer bod is definitely eating their berry buckwheat pancakes everyday (complete with rapadura syrup) or their pulled lamb sandwich… its tasty (and healthy) AF.



If you’d like to inhale your bodyweight in health, Speedo's Cafe is your (chia) jam. The menu here is complete with all things green, acai, coconut and veg… so no matter how much you eat, you’ll have abs (it’s science guys).

Sadhana Kitchen

Enmore + Bondi Beach

If you’re keen to get your raw and organic on (and in the best way possible), you’ll want to hit up Sadhana Kitchen. Think raw choc salted brownies (drool), lemon buttercream waffles (drool again) and some epic frappes guaranteed to make #cleaneating one of the best things ever.


Surry Hills

A hot spot for vegetarian and not-so-vegetarian kids, Yulli's is serving up bloody good feeds for lunch and dinner. Whether you’re looking for eats that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or just eats that are downright delicious and don’t add to your waistline, you’ll be well looked after here. Order up anything from their steamed leek and ginger dumplings with plum sauce to pan-fried haloumi with shaved rockmelon. And the dessert menu is effing amazing. Just saying.

Venus Wholefoods

Surry Hills

Homemade salads, smoothies, sandwiches and superfood treats? Sign us up. Venus Wholefoods has you covered when it comes to snapfresh fruits, leaves, herbs and nuts, meaning their entire menu while not only taste hella good but make you feel hella good too! And the venus bowl with quinoa, kale, avo, a soft boiled egg, tamari seeds and sesame crumb? Do it.

Bondi Wholefoods

North Bondi

Bondi Wholefoods is your one-stop-shop for all things nutritional with a bible-size menu offering up everything from health, health and then more health (and it’s all super addictive). And FYI the superfood summer bircher bowl is a must.

Mint Organics 


We could totally get used to all these organic eats going around with places like Mint Organics. All of the food here is nutritious and chemical-free (meaning it’s super tummy friendly). Heads up, you’ll find yourself coming back for more because you’ll need to conquer their entire menu, naturally. 

Bread and Circus


Bread and Circus makes “eating the rainbow” super easy with a heap of dishes looking and tasting bloody phenomenal. Who would have thought you could have curry for breakfast? Well you can. Hit up their i-had-curry-for-breakfast with flounder broccoli, carrot, organic coconut milk, chilli, coriander and basil. And yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds.



When you’ve had one too many freakshakes, nourish yourself with the seriously good menu at Native. With ginger-tumeric cold pressed shots and dairy-free mozzarella sandwiches complete with marinated eggplant (take our money now), this gem of a cafe is your go-to for jumping back on board that health train you so often fall off (no judgement, we’re lying on the tracks with you).

Sprout Wholefood

Crows Nest

We can assure you that you’ll never go hungry again with the epic eats on offer at Sprout Wholefood. And the best part? You’ll find a heap of healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian, raw, paleo and dairy-free treats and snacks to feast on. Snatch up their portobello mushroom burger filled with grilled pineapple and coconut bacon; or if you’re a slight chocolaholic (and let’s be honest who isn’t?) you’ll want to grab the paleo twix bars with maca.

Lox Stock & Barrel


Lox Stock and Barrel is taking care of your breakfast, lunch and dinner cravings. Because how good does a grilled flank steak with celeriac and cucumber kimchi sound? Or how about an egg salad bagel with pickles and hash? Or the slow roasted eggplant and crispy blue potatoes? Pretty bloody fantastic, if you ask us.



We’re all for a quick health boost so lucky for us (and you!) Proteini is making eating on-the-go that much easier (and healthier). With a lengthy menu of paleo-friendly meals, if you haven’t already made a move on their famous pancakes served with fruit, coconut yoghurt and vegan ice-cream… you better get on that, STAT.

Nelson Road Tuckshop

Bondi Junction

With all food wholesome and straight from the pantry, the legendary foodie Nelson Road Tuckshop is a favourite among locals. And for a damn good reason too. Known as the “tuckshop for adults” you’ll have just as much fun choosing what dish to order as you will eating it. Cue curried eggs with Sri Lankan spices, tropical quinoa and coconut bircher muesli along with beef brisket finished with green chilli yoghurt. Told you.

The Nine

Bondi Beach

A Mediterranean inspired cafe, eatery and wine cellar; The Nine is home to sustainable and seasonal produce with beautifully crafted dishes (aka they’re totally insta-worthy). And just a warning, this one could very well turn you into a regular visitor. Because let’s be honest, the slow cooked lamb salad with babaganoush and couscous needs to be eaten more than once in your life.

Earth To Table

Bondi Junction

You’ll want to hit up Sydney’s first 100% organic raw vegan cafe for the feed of the century (and it’s just a bonus that all these eats are super healthy!). Earth To Table has some pretty exciting bites to choose from including the earth burger filled with avocado for daysssss, the rainbow seaweed salad with a ginger-miso dressing (this one’s a must!) and a heap of raw treats and desserts that put Willy Wonka’s creations to shame.

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Image Credit: Claudia Shmueli at Youeni

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