Sopranos Fans Listen Up! Satriale’s Has Opened In Sydney

By Simone Jovel
14th Oct 2016

satriales meats sydney

For anyone who hasn’t gotten over the infamous fade to black, or those of you who just have a crazy, huge love for all of the cold meats (guilty) this new Italian-American deli in Sydney needs to be at the very top of your list. 

Satriale's Sandwich Deli is a big fan of giving you all the choice you so rightly deserve. For starters, choose your bread, white sourdough, rye or wholemeal, then pick your cheese, we’re all about the provolone. Then it is on to one epic list of cold meats from sopressa to salami, smoked ham, coppa and mortadella. Add salads to your taste and always over condiment with American mustard, cranberry, chilli mayo and relish, to name a few.

There’s also a range of hot and cold sandwiches if your past experiences of making your own have gotten a little out of hand. The menu also tells you to say yes to the pickles, and we can safely say that it’s always a big fat yes from us. 

This is the place to go if you’re a serious lover of cold meats (aren’t we all?) and whilst there’s no f*ing zitti in these parts, the sandwiches are so big even Tony would be satisfied. So gather the crew and keep an eye on the neighbourhood 7 days a week.

As for what Tony would do? He’d get one of everything and take some cold meats home to Carm.

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