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Sydney’s Most OTT Cheeseboards

By Jessica Best
19th Jun 2017


If you live in Sydney, there are a few things you’re genetically prone to do. These include jumping on every cocktail trend like there’s no tomorrow (frose’—we see you), searching for all the hidden beaches, ordering everything ever through one app or another  and of course, eating all the cheese. All of it.

Let’s just say, we probably need a national wine and cheese day (or Friday night) to celebrate our love for all the chewy, buttery, tangy and silky slabs of glorified golden deliciousness but in the meantime, we’ll just keep on eating our body weight in the good stuff.

So Sydney, here’s your grand list of beautifully delicious OTT cheeseboards you need to be eating now!

Stinking Bishops


Heads up, when a place calls themselves a boutique cheese bar, you go. Without question. And of course, the guys at the Stinking Bishops are doing us a massive favour by matching an extensive wine list to a cheeseboard you get to create (say what?). Yep, if you think  yourself a bit of a cheese master, you can choose up to four cheeses along with quince paste, grapes, figs, walnut rolada, a basket of bread and crackers.

The Potting Shed


Behold: the shed platter. With all the cured meats, cheeses, fruits, marinated and pickled vegetables, bread, lavosh and grisini, we think even the most die hard cheese fanatics might be cheesed out when they finally conquer this feast at The Potting Shed. It says to be shared between four and six people, but we all know a true cheese lover will attempt this bad boy on their own.

Formaggi Ocello

Surry Hills

No biggie, but Formaggi Ocello has one of the best selections of Italian, French and Australian farmhouse cheese ever. They also do cheese wedding cakes here and what more could you want in life? Formaggi doesn’t do set cheeseboards for you to enjoy there per se (you caught us, it’s a shop, not a restaurant or bar) but that’s ok when your mission is to go HAM on creating your own cheeseboard and picking up addictive slabs of blue vein, buffalo, miked milk, goat and 200 grams of prato fiorito with flowers. They also do cheese tastings here from time to time. Enough said.

Button Bar

Surry Hills

You’ll want to hit up the ploughman’s board at Button Bar, the resident drinking hole of all things super tasty (not joking—your stretchy pants are a total necessity here). The cheeseboard here is a generous affair with quality ‘Mafra’ cheddar, three different sliced hams, pickled veg, mustard and a chunk of garlic rubbed toasted bread.

Since I Left You


Nothing suits a cocktail bar like an epic cheeseboard spread and the gang at Since I Left You is all over it. And just so you know, there are three glorious spaces for you to indulge in all the cheese, including the fairy-light covered courtyard, the inside bar and the carriageway lane. But you came here for cheese, so cheese is what you’ll get. There’s a winning antipasti here with a selection of housemade antipasti and killer—and we mean absolute killer—house blended goat’s cheese.

GPO Cheese and Wine Room

Martin Place

Naturally, GPO Cheese and Wine Room is going to have a lot of cheese. Like, A LOT. So lucky for you, we’ve navigated ourselves through the food-coma worthy menu (taking one for the team guys) and found the ultimate cheese board to end all cheese boards. We give you: the truffle cheese fondue. Yep, if you like your cheese silky and buttery, this one’s for you. Because not much beats cheeses that are melted and combined to create three infusions of flavour.

Donny’s Bar


Donny’s Bar on the north is nothing short of legendary and guys, this team knows how to cheese. And they cheese really damn well. Order up the cheese share plate packed with blue, manchego and tetilla cheese.

Big Poppas


For all the eats, all the dranks and all the cheese, you need to hit up Big Poppa’s, especially when there’s an entire section of the menu dedicated to an international line-up of the good stuff. That’s right, think Australian cheddar, goat cheese from Italy and blue from England.

Bambini Wine Room


Let’s be honest, we all have those life goals to sip wine and devour a cheeseboard underneath a canopy of chandeliers so thankfully for us idealistic types, Bambini Wine Room has us covered. There’s four formaggi platters and unfortunately we couldn’t choose between any of them. They’re all cheese winners (because pairing camembert style goat cheese and bosc pear jam has always been a good idea).

Salt Meats Cheese

Various Locations

Look, we love a good cheeseboard but we think we’ll leave this whole “actually creating one” to the professionals. And the team at Salt Meats Cheese know how to pack a good board together with original brie, gorgonzola dolce, truffle pecorino and grana padano on the spread. So all you need to do is order one up and demolish the platter. Easy.

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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