Permission To Get Schnitfaced | 13 Of Sydney’s Best Chicken Parmis

By Jessica Best
31st May 2018

Bring on the ultimate pub feed ever and hand us a schooner to wash it all down. Sydney, the humble parmi is a staple in our diets for so many damn fine reasons. 

This ripper of a schnitty means crumbed perfection, crunchy goodness, douses upon douses of Napolitana sauce. And the cheese… oh the cheese. Yeah, that’s the absolute key to feeding our appetites (and hearts). Also, did we mention the cheese?

Here's where to get your hands on the best chicken parmigiana in Sydney!

Unicorn Hotel


The Unicorn Hotel is pumping with cheap drinks and kickass comedy nights. But we’re not here to hi-five its efforts on the entertainment front (it’s pretty freakin’ good), because these guys do a parmi worth talking about. This chicken parmi is poppin’ with Bannockburn chook breast and wing, and served with ham, tomato, cheese and chips—and if you think anything can top that, you’re flat out wrong.

Concordia Club


Little Concordia Club isn’t news for any of the legends living it up in the inner west but for anyone who hasn’t already heard, this actual hidden gem sports huge steins of German bier and a chicken parmi so damn good it’ll set your body clock into a year-long hibernation.

Cheers Bar


Good grief, Cheers Bar is serving up some hella tasty bistro feeds and if you haven’t already come here to feast on the hand-crumbed chicken parmigiana topped with napolitana sauce and all the cheese (and we mean all the oozing cheese) after work, well you’re really missing out on true happiness.

Allawah Hotel


If you’re a reg around these parts, chances are you know this joint as ‘The Wah’ and head over here every Monday to score yourself a free parmi (long live the buy one get one free pub classic) soaked in a hefty coating of oh-so-good mozzarella.

Shakespeare Hotel

Surry Hills

The Shakey churns out a parmi beauty you’ll most definitely get schnitfaced over (and for once in your life, going OTT will be welllll worth it). Bring on the perfectly golden schnitty with Berkshire-smoked ham, grilled eggplant, Napoli sauce, mozzarella and a whopping dollop of the good stuff (mash potato, obvs).

The Ivanhoe Hotel


The Ivanhoe Hotel is three-levels of pub goodness and the epic crumbed feed here is just… wow. Yep, that’s all we’ve got. Think a chicken parmigiana topped with smoked leg ham, Napolitana sauce, melted cheese with chips and to top it all off, you’ll get a glorious side o’ mash.

Newtown Hotel


These guys serve up some seriously fab pub nosh and FYI, their parmi is a holy grail of sorts. The tender chicken breast lies under a blanket of shaved heritage ham (the BEST kind), Napoli sauce, Newtown’s super spesh three cheese mix and forget calories because you’re ordering two.

Trinity Bar

Surry Hills

Monday just became your new fave day because the crew here have basically donned this the official ‘parmi day’ of the week with specials including the classic parmi, a New-York style parmi featuring bacon, avo and mozzarella and a Tex Mex parmi. You can let your imagination run wild on that one because yes it’s insane.

The Grand Hotel


You won’t even acknowledge the massive selection of craft beer on tap once you realise this place serves up two savage parmigianas. First off, be impressed by the grand parmi, a wonderful stack of leg ham, house made tomato sauce, parmesan, mozzarella and chips. Then, be absolutely and undeniably knocked out when you hear the muster up an actual deluxe parmigiana packed with bacon, chorizo, BBQ sauce and more double-cheese mix. Dead.

The Glenmore

The Rocks

Turns out the entire menu at The Glenmore is food to fight over but we suggest you pay particular attention to the ‘knives and forks’ section. Yep, this parmi is chunky and funky with a thick tomato sauce, blocks of double-smoked ham and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.



Una’s Jäger schnitzel is famous for a reason. Hammered out thin, the end result is bigger than you thought a piece of chicken could ever be, meaning more surface area for that tasty fried crumb. The whole experience is made even better with the potato rösti it’s served with.

21 Espresso

Double Bay

If you can never decide between chicken or veal, have both at 21 Espresso (especially since they’re both so tender). Warning for the indecisive though: there’s a long list of sides to choose from, and it’s pretty tough to pick.

Dove And Olive

Surry Hills

If you’re surprised to see these legends on here you need to get out more. These guys have always nailed an epic pub feed and heads up, they do a mammoth schnitty (like 300g worth). Grilled with double-smoked ham, basil Napoli sauce, a three-cheese mix and sided with slaw and fries, if a food coma is what you want, a food coma is what you’ll get.

The Forresters

Surry Hills

The Forresters is keeping things simple with their parmi, serving the schnitty-goodness with a simple combo of fries and slaw. At $20 a pop, it isn’t on the cheap end of the spectrum but isn’t breaking the budget either—look, we’re pretty sold on this one TBH.

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Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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