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All The Best Places To Get Boozy Tea In Sydney

By Holly Kingston
14th Sep 2018

Boozy Tea Cocktails in Sydney | Urban List

Tea cocktails are fast becoming a tasty liquid force to be reckoned with. It’s a true wonder of the world as to why this concept wasn’t invented earlier, after all, it’s a combo of two of our favourite things to sip on. 

Team, we have curated a list of all the Sydney venues brewing up boozy tea, so get ready for an epic tipsy tea party. 

Here are all the best places to grab boozy tea in Sydney.

Gin Lane


It’s no secret our fave little gin bar in Chippo absolutely nails a G&T, but let’s just say they also know their way around a spiked tea. There are a few alcoholic tea options on the menu, and we’re suggesting you try them all, because well, it’s not every day two of our much-loved beverages intertwine. Go for the ‘gunpowder plot’, if you like the sound of gunpowder tea spiked gin, fresh citrus, dandelion and burdock bitters (duhh, of course you like the sound of this baby). Our top pick is the smoking teapot though, the perfect share drink for the squad, consisting of earl grey-infused everything (gin, bitters and tea), pressed lemon and prosecco. Think it’s time to renew that ‘gin’ membership down at Gin Lane.



To think we couldn’t love this joint more than we already did. The menu at Thievery is always packed with funky drinks and delicious food. For all things boozy tea though,you’re going to want to hit up the ‘wet rose’which is tea-infused stoli vodka, pomegranate liqueur, lime, rosewater and cloudy apple.


Neutral Bay

Firefly is flaunting three teapot cocktails that are the perfect combo of ‘naugh-tea’ and nice! These babies are made for sharing (although you’re not inclined to) and flavours tipple around earl grey for it’ with Hendricks gin, blood orange and earl grey, ‘juiced this once’ with a lethal weapon mix of gin and Aperol stirred in with summery fruits and herbs, and ‘roses really smell like…’ with gin, brandy, tonic, lemon, cucumber and rose sugar. We’ll take all three please. 

Stillery at Intercontinental 

Double Bay

These guys nail a high tea and the bartenders certainly can shake up a cocktail. Luckily for us, they’ve combined our two favourite sippings. Stillery serves up an epic and oh-so-ginnovative drink called the ‘settlers g&tea’ which is a  botanical earl grey tea, honey and lemon, topped with Mediterranean Fevertree tonic. Something tells us this could be the new honey and lemon cold and flu cure. 


Sydney CBD

Like we needed another reason to hop over to Hacienda, AKA the epic spot with one of the best views of Sydney Harbour. Inspired by the grand plantation architecture of Cuba, this lux yet playful joint is a botanical oasis serving up delicious fresh modern cocktails and Cuban inspired food. We’re here for the brand-spankin' new boozy ice tea called 'sweetest thing'. This gem is a tropical combo of lime juice, Pampero, mango, strawberry and it'll be served up in a rose gold cocktail mug.

Eau De Vie


These kids basically have a bible of cocktails you should be aiming to work your way down. This jazz-infused, dimly lit speakeasy boasts everything to do with curated tipple and if you're looking for a boozy-tea shindig, let's just say you've come to the right place. Hit up the 'waiting for a maté' for more than your good dose of puns. Maté is a traditional South American tea so this drank celebrates its roots with a whole lot of spice and fruit.

Still thirsty? Here are all the best share-jugs around Sydney.

Image credit: Gin Lane. 

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