The Best Spots To Eat Raclette In Sydney

By Jessica Best - 29 Jun 2017

best raclette menus sydney
Loluk Bistro

Surry Hills, NSW 1 Image

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Handpicked Cellar Door

Chippendale, NSW 1 Image

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Bistro Papillon

Sydney, NSW 1 Image

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Let’s cut straight into it, cheese can do no wrong. Whether it’s silky, crumbly, creamy, salty, bitter or fruity (if you haven’t tried almond and apricot cream cheese what are you doing with your life?), there’s no denying cheese is downright delicious. And maybe slightly addictive (by maybe we mean definitely).

Major props to the Sydney eateries smothering our glorious city with serious cheese loving, we need more legends like you in the world. If you love the golden good stuff as much as we do, so much so that it’s practically oozing through your veins, this article is from us, to you. 

We bring you the cheese trend of the year: the cheese raclette, and the best cheese menus to try it for yourself in Sydney right now!

Loluk Bistro

Surry Hills

Shout out to the crew at Loluk Bistro who now serve up the good stuff every Tuesday and Wednesday (that’s alongside a killer menu packed with a cheese soufflé and cheese platter so good you’ll happily call yourself an addict). Apart from the legit life-changing French fare, the aforementioned mid-week cheese raclette (in other words a raclette rave) is very much needed in your life, because bricks of cheese are never a bad idea.

What: Une Raclette Dans Surry Hills
When: Every Tuesday & Wednesday, from 6pm to 10pm
Where: Loluk Bistro, Surry Hills
Cost: $49

Handpicked Cellar Door


Oh yes, the team at Handpicked Cellar Door (we know, they’re your go-to for international wines already) is jumping on this beautiful bandwagon of fresh, melted goodness. Get your dosage of the pungent holy grail of comfort food and watch the golden glow literally flow like lava onto a plate of pancetta, potatoes and pickles. And you’ll be happy to know that these guys have even whipped up a special vegetarian option too.

What: Cheese Dreams are Made of These
When: Every Tuesday, from 6pm to 10pm (until July 30)
Where: Handpicked Cellar Door
Cost: $24, vegetarian option $20

Bistro Papillon


You’ll find the raclette at Bistro Papillon at the start of every month in all of its cheesy glory. Scraped onto your dish straight from a hot melting wheel (that’s the kind of #cheeseporn we’re talking about) it’s hotly poured on an assortment of cured and smoked meats, potatoes, baguettes and condiments and we can confirm, it’s even better than it sounds.

What: Soiree Raclette
When: First Monday of every month
Where: Bistro Papillon
Cost: $55

Love cheese? How about these fab spots for cheese and wine in Sydney.

Image credit: Handpicked Cellar Door

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