Top 10 Paleo Eats In Sydney

By Alison Sims
18th Nov 2013

Dining out is a popular pastime for Sydneysiders. From Chinatown in the CBD, to Italian in Leichhardt and fresh seafood by the sea, there is something for every palate—even for those following the caveman diet.

For the primal eater, Sydney dishes up an impressive range of plates to satisfy the modern caveman and cavewoman. Paleo is slowly making its way across Australia's most populated city. Although not always labelled 'paleo', inner-city cafes and restaurants are catching on and more places are now offering menu items suited to the paleo diet.

What is paleo-friendly?

Think of paleo as a way of extracting the freshest and healthiest part of every menu—after all, the diet is based on eating local, seasonal ingredients produced using sustainable practices. It consists of meat, seasonal vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs and cold-pressed oils. The main things to avoid are grains, rice, legumes and refined sugar.

Signs of a paleo-friendly restaurant:

Generally if a restaurant is doing all of the below it's a safe bet that their menu will have paleo options:

1. they use organic produce

2. they source their produce from local farmers and producers

3. they prepare all ingredients from scratch and may even make their own range of products used in their dishes.

Look for places doing a majority of the above, and where you can clearly identify all ingredients in a dish. Here's a top 10 list of the best paleo-friendly places to dine in Sydney for breakfast, lunch and dinner—all the best paleo restarants and cafes around Sydney town.

Paleo Cafe | Bondi Junction

The name gives the game away. It's a bustling cafe with a menu specifically designed around the paleo diet. It's 100% dairy, grain, gluten, sugar and preservative free. The staff are knowledgeable about the paleo diet and truly passionate about serving up delicious meals with a healthy twist. Catering for breakfast, lunch and takeaway meals, it's the ultimate caveman dining experience.

Menu tips: check the daily specials menu for an ever-changing choice of delicious dishes. They also cater for cave kids with special meals that will keep them entertained.

Dining: breakfast, lunch and takeaway 

Thr1ve | CBD

Thr1ve caters for the CBD breakfast and lunch rush hours. Its menu is centred around paleo nutrition and has been carefully designed by qualified chefs and nutritionists. It provides balanced and nourishing meals, snacks and supplements for the active, modern caveman and cavewoman. The food is freshly prepared each day and delivered fast, so it's a great takeaway breakfast and lunch option. A top CBD paleo cafe pick for inner-city Sydney workers.

Menu tips: try the great range of juices and smoothies, and the lemon and herb chicken salad bowl.

Dining options: breakfast, lunch and takeaway 

Pure Wholefoods | Manly

Although not labelled paleo, almost everything is suitable for the diet, which comes as no surprise as owners Walter and Dini are paleo followers. Situated in Manly's town centre, it's a popular spot for those lunching and draws a crowd at peak times, but it's worth waiting in the queue. A great range of salads is on offer every day, which are perfect when teamed with protein such as steak or chicken. There's also a range of paleo-friendly cakes and treats to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Menu tips: try the gluten-free chicken schnitzel served with a couple of fresh salads made daily.

Dining options: breakfast, lunch and takeaway 

Real Food Connection | Camperdown

Providing takeaway and home delivered meals, Real Food Connection also operates as a cafe and serves up some tasty dishes for paleo, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. The plates are full of colour and flavour and provide the perfect fuel for a busy and active paleo lifestyle. 

Menu tips: they make their own pumpkin and chia seed bread which is 100% paleo-friendly. For those who miss grains and Australian favourites like toast, this is a good alternative that will fill you to the brim. For the sweet tooth they also make grain-free pumpkin and banana bread.

Dining options: breakfast, lunch and takeaway 

Aboutlife | Rozelle

A local dining favourite, which serves up fresh and organic meals that can be enjoyed in the cafe or taken away. Suitable for a wide range of diets, including paleo, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free, the menu clearly indicates the suitability of each item for different dietary requirements. The food is vegan-inspired, however protein has not been forgotten. Its raw juice bar complements the food quite nicely too.

Menu tips: the sustainable fish of the day with kale salad is delicious and well balanced. You will feel nourished and energised.

Dining options: breakfast, lunch and takeaway 

The Suveran | Bondi Junction

Grain, legume, sugar, dairy, egg and nightshade free, The Suveran is perfect for the paleo eater, as well as those with specific food intolerances. It also serves some types of meats, including lamb, chicken and fish. Most of the food is designed for takeaway, however there are chairs and tables for dining in. They offer a range of delicious snacks and meals, which can be eaten on the run. It's also worth visiting the sister store, BU Organics, which also stocks some of the food made at The Suveran.

Menu tips: order with your eyes. Everything is made fresh each day and displayed in the front fridge, including their daily range of 'grab n go' items. The lamb and veggie stack is definitely worth sinking your teeth into, and if you spend $10 you get a free coconut.

Dining options: lunch and takeaway 

The Local Taphouse | Darlinghurst

Praised as the best ale house in Sydney for its large range of craft beers, The Local Taphouse also serves exceptionally good pub grub for the hungry carnivore. Providing a casual dining setting, the food is wholesome and the meat dripping with flavour. Pair with a gluten-free ale or specialty cider and you have yourself a very satisfying paleo meal. A well-deserved option on the paleo-friendly restaurant list in Sydney. 

Menu tips: grab some mates and pre-order the 3kg slow-roast, saltbush-fed lamb shoulder. Also worth sampling is the 8-hour, apple cider-braised, rare-breed pork belly, and try not to lick the plate.

Dining options: lunch and dinner

Churrasco | Woolloomooloo

One for the carnivores, Churrasco is a very popular Brazilian BBQ restaurant. The main event is the BBQ meat, which is cooked to perfection with secret herbs and spices and served banquet-style to each table. As long as you're eating meat the restaurant charges per head for as much protein as you can handle.

Menu tip: try the chicken heart. It may not sound appetising, but it's anything other an ordinary, dripping with deliciousness and expertly cooked.

Dining options: dinner

Chiswick | Woollahra

For a hearty and wholesome meal with family and friends, Chiswick restaurant provides a casual fine-dining experience. The menu has a homely feel and a favourite is the Moran family roast lamb, for sharing just like at home. The restaurant has its own vegetable garden and uses seasonal ingredients. The meat is sourced directly from the Moran family farm in the Central Tablelands, an environmentally friendly farm using sustainable production processes. This is absolutely one of the best paleo-friendly restaurants in Sydney.

Menu tips: you won't be disappointed by ordering the wood-fired pork chop served with seasonal sides. Juicy and flavoursome.

Dining options: lunch and dinner 

Four In Hand | Paddington

For something a little more stately, Four in Hand is the perfect place to enjoy sophisticated dining and artistic and delectable cuisine—food that you wouldn't attempt to cook at home. The menu changes regularly and offers intriguing dishes, such as smoked eel and liquorice-braised beef brisket. If you feel like something slightly more casual, try the Four in Hand bar menu for a delicious meal in good company. A classic Paddington pub servicing the local paleo folk—perfect!

Menu tips: the juicy suckling pig is a favourite at the restaurant. For fantastic pub grub, grab some mates and order the whole-roast pork belly with trimmings from the bar (24-hours notice is required).

Dining: lunch and dinner

It is possible to enjoy great food when dining out on a paleo diet. There are many more places providing paleo-friendly fare in and around Sydney. To read about more paleo-friendly places in Sydney and across Australia, visit

TUL Note: Alison Sims is the author of the popular blog site Paleo Foodies. A self-confessed foodie, she enjoys discovering healthy food suitable for the paleo diet and sharing the best paleo dining options around Australia and beyond. Paleo Foodies shares tips and suggestions on where to eat and where to source paleo-friendly food. They also organise paleo food events such as dinners, picnics and BBQ's for the paleo/primal community. Join the conversation via the Paleo Foodies Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.

Image credit top vegetables: Honestly Yum

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