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Weird & Wonderful Beauty Treatments #Trending In Sydney Right Now

By Bree Nowland
25th Oct 2017


We’re not ones to shy away from trying something—or anything—that’s trending, shiny or new, and boy oh boy, do we looove us a beauty treatment! We scoured our glorious city of Sydney for some of the newest, freshest and well, weirdest beauty treatments we could find. Oyxgen chambers, razors to the face, spinning our own blood, coating our complexion in carbon and below freezing temperatures are all on this list. 

So here we go, a little crazy, borderline downright dangerous, a little bit weird—but most definitely wonderful. 

Here are some of the weirdest and most wonderful beauty treatments trending in Sydney right now.

Freezing Your Body To Look And Feel Fresher 

Cryotherapy | CRYO

Want tighter pores, weight loss, cell rejuvenation and an apparent cure to jetlag? It’s time to try Cryotherapy. This crazy treatment involves standing in a tube-like chamber and walking on the spot for between one and three minutes, at, get this (no, it’s not a typo) up to MINUS 150 degrees. You’ll get an immediate adrenaline rush and your skin will be flushed and fresh, toxins eliminated, any inflammation reduced, and you’ll feel fresher than ever.

Get The Most Radiant Complexion Ever—Shave Your Face

Dermaplaning Treatment | ALL SAINTS Clinic

Yes, we said shaving, but NOT with your regular razor from Priceline, friends. This trending facial indeed involves shaving the entire top layer off your skin, with an incredibly fancy patented blade. Step into the luxurious Double Bay All Saints Clinic and let the professionals take a scalpel to your cheeks, the process involves removing all dead cells, leaving you with super smooth, ridiculously hydrated skin. Your makeup and skincare will gliiiide on, and we promise the hair won’t grow back prickly or thicker, and it doesn’t hurt one little bit!

Undetectable Injections For The Smoothest And Glowiest Skin Of Your Life

Skin Booster Treatment | THE MANSE

Not down for Kylie Jenner approved fillers? We’ve got a little secret for you. Self-confessed Sydney “doll-maker” the inimitable Dr. Naomi raves about Skin Boosters. Yes, it involves needles (sorry, team). But it involves injecting moisture-binding Hyaluronic Acid (not “filler”) deep into your skin. Yes, injecting moisturising acid into your skin. Weird, wonderful? Sure. What does this do? Airbrushes fine lines, wrinkles and crepe-like skin texture. Skin Booster injections can be used to rejuvenate under your eyes, anywhere on your face, even on areas such as your knee-caps or hands!

The Ultimate Cardio Workout For Your Skin

Enzyme and Quick Peel Treatment | Danne Montague King 

This one is no fluffy facial. You know that feeling of being super fit – after you’ve been on a mission and clocking up a couple of kilometres on the treadmill daily for a month? This is the equivalent for your skin. Think of it as marathon training for your face. The treatment itself involves a mask (that sets like concrete) on your face, and gradually tightens for 45 minutes or so. When it’s removed, your skin will be flushed, oxygenated and glowing like never before. 

A Big Oxygen Boost For Your Entire Body

Hyper-baric Oxygen Therapy | Vrai Health

Locking yourself in an oxygen chamber sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it guys? OK but seriously, this therapeutic treatment significantly enhances your body’s natural healing process and helps regenerate your entire body. Healthy body, healthy mind = clear, fresh, glowing skin. Beauty from the inside out!

Perfect Skin Texture Using Your Own Platelets

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment | Cosmos Clinic

Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) is exactly what you think it is. If this isn’t weird and wonderful, we don’t know what is. Your own platelets are taken from **gulp** your own blood. Your blood is taken and spun to precision, extracting pure liquid gold (platelets and growth factors), which is then injected back into your skin to produce new collagen fibres and to completely overhaul skin texture. It can be used to treat acne scarring, stretch marks, cellulite, aging skin and pesky fine lines.

Boost Collagen With A Layer Of Carbon

Hollywood Laser Peel | Darlinghurst Dermatology

Tag laser, tick, black-pigmented carbon, tick. This Hollywood-fave facial has recently hit Aussie shores, and is pioneered by dermatologist Dr. Natasha Cook at Darlinghurst Dermatology. The Hollywood Laser Peel, more formally known as a Carbon Spectra Peel involves a laser penetrating the deep layers of the skin to refine and tighten pores whilst plumping your complexion… The result? An instant long-lasting glow.

An Immune Boosting And Radiance Increasing IV Drip

The “Bondi Rescue” IV Treatment | Face Plus Medispa

Struck down by the dreaded winter flu this year? Skin looking a little sad and dull? Enter an IV-drip. This signature treatment involves hooking yourself (ahem, we mean a nurse hooking you up) to an IV-drip to infuse your temple (that’s your body, guys) with alllll the vitamins, such as Vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, Zinc and Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6.

Tattooing Around The Windows To Your Soul

Micro-bladed brows | Amy Jean Eye Couture

Tattooing your face? Rewind a couple of years ago and the only thing that springs to mind is Mike Tyson. We love ya, Mike, but we wouldn’t consider you a beauty queen. Enter Sydney’s arch-angel (see what we did there?) and celebrity brow-whisperer, Amy Jean. She pioneered the feather-touch-brow-tattoo in Australia. It involves hand-etching your brows with a tiny scalpel and infusing a bespoke pigment to define your brows and frame your pretty peepers.

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Image credit: Elle Borgward

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