Here’s How You Can Keep Up Your Social Life In Self-Isolation

By Bridget O'Donohue
1st Apr 2020

The physical distancing rules are in full swing and the option to hit up your weekly pub trivia or gym class are well and truly off the table. Before you find yourself painting a volleyball with a smiley face and calling it Wilson, get around some of our ideas for the best ways to stay social during isolation. 

Host A Virtual Book Club

If you’ve already got one, there’s no need to cancel your monthly book club. Take your gang online or start a new reading crew with Zoom or Google Hangouts. Hangouts is free and can host up to eight of your friends, while Zoom has a free version that can handle up to 100 people. All that’s left is to pick a book, assemble your cheese board and get discussing. There’s plenty of spare time for reading so head to our Podcasts & Books for inspiration. 

Play Bingo On Twitch

If the last computer game you played was minesweeper in 2006, let us introduce you to Twitch.  It’s the leading live streaming platform for gaming, but they’ve also got a haul of other interactive video content to play around with. Join a pub trivia game with strangers or recruit your friends to rekindle your weekly quiz team. We suggest booking in a time to play along to the UK’s Bongo’s Bingo live stream. It’s bonkers and you will definitely thank us later. 

Stream A Movie With Netflix Party

If they haven’t downloaded it already, get your friends onto Netflix Party. The free google chrome extension allows you to stream content from Netflix in synchronisation. That means you can watch a movie with your family from separate houses,or have a cyber TV date with your partner stuck in quarantine. 

Download House Party

Link up with friends on social networking app House Party, which lets you video chat with up to 8 mates at a time. Sort of like FaceTime but with loads of games and interactive content that’ll keep you entertained for hours. You also have the option to jump into existing parties of your mates without an invite, so be prepared for things to get weird. 

Do A Yoga Session On Watch2gether 

Watch2gether is an online platform with a similar set-up to Netflix Party, with the added bonus to stream different websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. Just set up a YouTube tutorial and invite your yoga buddy or workmates to join a virtual lesson and get stretching. It feels like you’re all in class together, but with the added bonus of more space for warrior pose. 

Join Your Local Good Karma Network

For a dose of positivity, track down and tap into your community’s local Good Karma Facebook page. Most metropolitan areas have one, and they’re full of people from your neighbourhood offering support, conversation and practical help. If you’ve been looking for a way to reach out to seek or offer help, this is the place to go. 

Play A Cyber Board Game

If you’re feeling nostalgic about all those family arguments over a game of Monopoly, you can still get your drama fix. Board Game Arena and Tabletopia both offer a stack of board games with varied capacity and play-time to suit your needs. Choose between setting up a game with friends or go up against strangers when you join a game in progress. 

Lock In Happy Hour

Just because you’re working from home, that doesn’t mean Friday knock-off has to stop. When it hits 5pm at the end of the week, close your laptop, mix a quarantini and log onto your chat stream of choice. Invite your friends and colleagues to catch up, just like you usually would over a pint at the pub. Booking it in each week will help set a routine and give you something to look forward to at the end of the working week. 

Call Your Grandparents

It’s fairly safe to say that your grandparents might not be onto the latest apps and streaming services that are keeping you in touch with your network. Pick up your mobile and make a good old fashioned phone call to your grandparents for a chat, It’ll make their day. 

For more ideas to keep busy while in isolation, head to our Things To Do section.

Image credit: Unsplash | Radu Marcusu

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