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Brisbane, This Is The Gorgeous New Wine Bar We’ve Been Waiting For!

By Alex Topakas
4th Oct 2017

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Because what's better than a glass of wine? A bottle. And what's better than a bottle of wine? A bar dedicated to wine. FACT.

When a whole lot of Melbourne wine notables head north only good things can come of it. The team behind Toorak Cellars, The Alps, Milton Wine Shop and The Moon—some of Melbourne's finest wineries—are back and have brought us something pretty spiff...

Enter The Valley Wine Bar: an eclectic space sitting pretty beneath the gleaming new Tim Gurner development, FV, on Alfred Street in Fortitude Valley. In what can only be described as rampant multi-tasking, The Valley Wine Bar offers coffee and pastries by day before transitioning to its extensive wine list by night. They may be new in Bris, but gosh, do they know the way to our hearts.

Their boutique wine offering sprawls the walls of the venue—we're talking floor to ceiling. The interior is moody (perfect for finishing up that second bottle), with a crisp white bar spaces and parquet floors. With the addition of custom-made furniture, the space also sees round tables and stools featuring cypress pine and raw steel. Because drinking wine on regular tables is a half-arsed, mediocre experience, and let it be known that nothing this team does is half-arsed. 

Inspired by the Caves à Manger of France, essentially meaning basement room (read: causal wine bar-come-cafe), the general idea is to visit the space, enjoy a coffee (or, you know, wine) and take home a bottle of plonk while you're at it. (Luxe AF). 

With an extensive selection of Australian and imported wines, The Valley Wine Bar also features some choice Queensland producers, including La Petit Mort and Konpira Maru Wine Company for maximum local feels.

At the moment, a full food menu is in the works, but for now the bar snacsk include charcuterie, cheese, pate and jerky—perfect wine fooder. Wine nights are expected with visiting winemakers in Brisbane.

Your next glass of red has never been more exciting. 

The Details

What: The Valley Wine Bar
Where: 179 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley
Hours: Mon & Tue 8am–9pm, Wed to Fri 8am–11pm , Sat 12pm–11pm, Sun 12pm–9pm

Image credit: Matthieu Joannon

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