A Gorgeous Poke Restaurant-Come-Cocktail Bar Is Opening!

By Erin Curtain
13th Sep 2017


Brisbane’s poke game has been strong of late, but I think we can all agree it has been lacking in one particular area. DRANKS. Luckily for us, Cheeky Poke Bar will be opening soon and they will not disappoint!

The minds behind fresh fish providors, Portside Fresh N Wild Fish saw the rise in popularity of poke, but also saw the need for a more intimate setting to enjoy it in and hence have come up with the unique Cheeky Poke Bar. With a beaut of a location across from Newstead's Gasworks, Cheeky is set to be your totally luxe foodie hang.

Cheeky have coined the term 'sea to bowl', providing their customers with the freshest ingredients, locally sourced straight to your plate—nice. You can create your own custom poke bowl or choose from their delicious menu, which includes bulked up miso soups and crispy wonton tacos!

Cheeky has also graced us with kombucha on tap as well as an impressive beer and wine list of all locally sourced bevvies. They also boast a plethora of colourful cocktails for you to insta alongside your poke (is there nothing they haven't thought of?). Plus, each drink has been carefully created to best compliment the ingredients used in your meal, assuring the perfect merge of flavours. Thoughtful, huh?

Cheeky is set to officially open in October, so stay tuned!

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