Hangover Cures From Around The World

By Sophia Richardson
30th Sep 2017


Hangovers are the universal equivalent of having a grass bindi lodged in your foot for the rest of your life. But we’re sure you already knew that. Not to be feared any longer, we’ve scoured the globe for hangover cures that supposedly work for any of you keen beans who’re willing to take the punt. 

Let’s be real, when hung-dog in bed on Sunday morn', we’re literally willing to try anything...or are we? 

Pickle Juice | Poland

We’ll admit, this one might not come as a surprise. We alllll have that friend (you know the one). The Polish are known to down pickle brine when hungover, a method that we’re not against entirely because it’s 2017 and pickles are in (thank you pickling trend). Apparently, the brine has loads of vitamin C that should have you feeling tip top in no time. Next time you’re struggling hard, reach for that old jar of pickles in your fridge and get drinking. 

Coconut Juice | Bangladesh

Um hello, ding ding ding, I think we have a winner here. While drinking water when hungover is obviously one of the better and more palatable ways to kill your raging hangover, the idea of only drinking fresh coconut juice sounds just delightful. The electrolytes are meant to be hella good for you and will re-hydrate your bod too. Idea time—wiz up some acai and coconut juice for a DIY acai bowl. Did we just invent a new hangover cure? Hey, we’ll claim that.

Espresso | Italy

One word—espresso. Having a strong shot of black coffee is said to increase blood flow and will also literally knock your socks off (not literally). The catch is that too much coffee will have the opposite effect, leaving you with even more of a headache. You’ve been warned. Once you find that sweet spot, let us know  (why should we do all the hard work?) Oh, and tiramisu totally counts. 

Prairie Oyster Cocktail | UK and America 

Because sometimes you’re willing to try anything to get rid of the stabbing pain inside your head, and by anything, we mean a shot of raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, chilli, pepper and vinegar. Desperate times call for desperate measures, amirite? Unfortunately, nothing will erase the poor life choices you made last night (we’re not miracle workers, okay).

Ciorba De Burta | Romania

Do you ever wake up with a hangover and crave a rich, creamy, vegetable and tripe soup? Neither do we. Shout out to the brave cats in Romania who love themselves a tripe-filled soup. Alcohol plays a large role in the culture, so we’re putting a lot of faith into this one working. The tripe soup has popular variations in Russia, Lithuania and Bulgaria, so it must be legit, right?

Sheep Eyeball In Tomato Juice | Mongolia

Generation after generation in Mongolia swear by this hangover remedy and TBH, we’re not sure entirely why. Us Aussies will knock back a Bloody Mary to help keep a hangover at bay, so really this Mongolian alternative is slightly similar (kind of?). They’ve thrown a pickled sheep’s eyeball, which if we’re being honest, is terrifying. 

The Three B’s | Australia

Welcome home, weary traveller. Settle in, because this one’s a goodie. It has been tried and tested (guilty), and quite frankly, works a damn treat. As soon as you feel the deathly head spins of the hangover, pop a couple of Berocca into your water and you’ll be good as gold within the hour. We recommend backing it up with brunch at your nearest café. Top tip: bacon is your bestie. We’ve also heard good things about popping a Hydralyte tab and two Panadols before you hit the sack. Alternatively, head to straight to the pub and down a Bloody Mary—you’ll be right mate.

If you're feeling energetic, then cook these sausage rolls while you're at it. 

Image credit: Andrew Wilson

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