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PSA: A Home Cheese Delivery Service Exists In Brisbane

By Jessica Pridmore
18th Sep 2017


Move over take out delivery services: having takeaway delivered to your door is so 2016. What we, the people want is cheese. ALL of the cheese delivered to our doorsteps where our unhealthy dairy obsessions never need see the aisle of a supermarket ever again.

In what can only be descried as an act of sheer genius, a cheese home delivery service has popped up in Brisbane (you better brie-lieve it)—just in time to undo all of the hard work we put in the gym over winter… Err, yeah.

Bridging the gap between local Aussie cheese producers and, erm, the cheese eaters (aka us), The Cheese Riot sources all their products from Australia, supporting our local farmers and producers while showcasing some of the best cheeses from around the country.

You have a choice of two boxes; Give Me Cheese, or Give Me Premium Cheese, both of which are filled to the brim with everything you need to create the perfect platter.

Deliveries arrive once a month (seriously guys, there’s almost a kilo of cheese in each box—if that don’t last you a month you really do have a problem…) and new cheeses are featured each time so you never get bored of your cheese. I mean, who could?

Check out The Cheese Riot, here.

Image credit: Ben Tyres

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