Here’s Everything You Can And Can’t Do In Queensland Right Now

By Ranyhyn Laine
1st May 2020


With restrictions changing almost weekly and COVID-19 hanging over us all, you're probably wondering what you can and can't do. Can I go for a drive? Can I visit my family? Can I go camping? Unfortunately, our weekends are going to look a whole lot different for a while, but if you're wondering what is and isn't allowed under lockdown, we've got some answers for you. 

As we slowly roll back restrictions and come out of lockdown, Queensland's roadmap for getting back to normal is lined out here. But if you're looking for a specific answer, you'll find them below. 

Can I visit my friends and family?

Under current Queensland COVID-19 rules, you can visit another person’s house, with up to 20 people now allowed to gather at one time. So, if you're planning a party, just keep the guest list to under 20, though you should still maintain social distancing practices and wash your hands thoroughly. It's also strongly recommended that you do not visit elderly relatives or those most at risk of suffering severe symptoms of COVID-19. 

Can I go away for the weekend?

Yes. As of Monday 1 June, Queenslanders are allowed to travel unlimited distances in their own state, with overnight stays in campsites, hotels and other accomodation providers also back on the cards. Plan a holiday to support our local travel industry, but just remember that limits may still apply to the number of people who can be in one place at a time.

Can I have a picnic? 

Yes, you can, with groups of up to 20 people from different households, so get those blankets ready to take to one of our favourite picnic spots. Keep in mind that you will be sharing the green spaces with plenty of other cooped up people, so please maintain social distancing, consider that parking is probably going to be an issue if you're planning to drive and for goodness sake, just BE KIND. You can also now get takeaway and eat it in the park or on a park bench, so no need to wait for your chips to get cold. 

Can I go for a drive? 

Yes. For those who desperately need to get out of the house, going for a leisurely drive is allowed, so fill up your tanks and plan a route. There are no limits on distances, and you can even stop somewhere to spend the night.

Can I go hiking? 

Yes, you can head outdoors for fresh air and excercise, anywhere in the state. But do consider the fact that a lot of others might have the same idea as you, so it might not be the solitary walk you were hoping for.

Can I go to the beach? 

Yes. With travel restrictions now lifted, you can now head to the beach for a swim, a picnic or a long walk on the sand.

Can I go shopping? 

Yes. Whereas previously Queenslanders were only permitted to shop for essential goods and services, heading out to buy non-essentials is now also on the list, so as long as you follow social distancing guidelines, you can pop to the shops. Whether all retail shops will re-open is another question, so check with the stores you're planning to visit before you go. Most will also have to make in-store changes to limit the number of people inside and keep a 1.5m distance between customers, so be patient, and consider if you really need retail therapy or if you can just shop online.

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