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The Golden Gaytime Crumbs In A Tin Are Back!

By Simone Jovel
28th Sep 2017


Golden Gaytime Crumbs have returned to our lives and today is a very good day. No longer will you have to head to your local 7-11, throw your hand into the freezer and pull out a Golden Gaytime to get your hands on the magnificent crumb that adorns Australia’s favourite ice cream. 

Now you can just hit up your local supermarket (Woolies, Coles or IGA) to pick up a Crumb Tin for you to do what you will—drop it on your cereal, throw it at your mates, or take a spoon straight to the tin like a maniac. Just make sure you take to your socials and #gaytimecrumbs because everyone loves a show-off.

They’re only hanging around for a limited time, so run (don’t walk) to your closest supermarket and stock up. Who knows when they’ll be back?

Prefer traditional gelato? These are our faves.

Image credit: Streets

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