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This Spirit Is Making A Come Back, But What Is It?

By Anna Franklyn
1st Jul 2016

Guys, we need to talk about bourbon. In case you weren’t aware, it’s back and it’s back in a big way. So much so that the whole world was a bit worried we were going to run out. Seriously. Google It.

And while we can probably thank Don Draper for the return of this delightful drop, let’s all take a minute to drill this in to our brains: bourbon is not just for the gents, ladies you can (and you should) get involved too.

But do you think bourbon is scary and intimidating and well, you don’t know how to drink it? We hear you! That’s why we’ve teamed up with the good folks at Wild Turkey and The Kodiak Club to show you that bourbon ain’t that scary.

We chatted to The Kodiak Club’s Whisky King Nathan DeBritt who taught us how to order it like an absolute pro.

What the heck is bourbon?

Technically, it's a distilled corn spirit (51% minimum) with other grains making up the other 49% aged in new American Oak Barrels but as I like to call it, it's a combination of sunshine and joy crafted with love and served with patience but sometimes I just call it breakfast.

Why should we be drinking bourbon instead of other spirits?

The only reason to drink anything other than bourbon is perspective, every now and then I'll drink something else just to remind myself how awesome and superior bourbon is.

What makes a good bourbon? 

Care, patience and forgiveness.

For all the bourbon newbies what's the safest cocktail? 

Scofflaw, it's well balanced refreshing and not too punchy. A good introduction.

Now that we've got a drink what should we eat it with? 

Fried chicken!

Ok, we're Sold bourbon rocks, give us a recipe!

- 50ml Russell Reserve 10YO

- 10ml Averna

- 5ml Sugar Syrup

- 1 Dash Peychauds 

- 2 Dash Angostura 

Stir down with 2 orange slices in the mixing glass and serve up, no garnish

Attention all awesome bartenders! If you reckon you’re a bit of a bourbon connoisseur, visit the Wild Turkey Facebook page for your chance to win the ultimate, money can’t buy Bourbon experience in Kentucky.

Image credit: Wild Turkey

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