How To Dress Boho Chic (Without Looking Like A Freak)

By Morag Grealy
15th Feb 2016

Sadly, for most of us, the holiday season has come to a grinding halt. But that doesn’t mean we’ll want to stop constantly reliving the memory of the how hot we looked as an uber-bohemian-beach-babe in Byron and beyond. Or maybe you’re just a regular free spirit and want to be able to let your 70s free-love, Woodford flag fly much more often? Here’s how to incorporate some boho vibes in a way that won’t fully freak out the folk in the big smoke.

#1 Back To Work Wear

The professional, demure style of this skirt lets your colleagues know you’re physically in the office, but your Ukrainian embroidery and bell-sleeves up top will signify that you’re at least 50% mentally elsewhere. TIP: Wear this on Friday so that you can make a sartorially seamless getaway to your out-of-town hideout of choice.

#2 Nail The Night Out

This embellished wrap mini skirt by Isabel Marant was a standout on the S/S16 runways and we think that’s probably because it strikes a pretty fine balance between being ready to take on a hectic night out and being a massive hippie at heart. Just add a rocker tee, messy AF hair, clashing tribal accessories and some deep bronzer for a perfect ‘Boho hits da night scene’ look.


#3 Lunching With Friends

So you get invited out to lunch with your peeps, but you’re bored as hell of fitting in with city slicker societal dressing expectations? Time to reach for the dirty vintage Levi’s, a cute printed crop (to show off your holiday tan) and a felt Fedora (of course). To finish it off maybe layer up some fun, colourful jewels to tap into your ‘sometimes girly’ side. Now let’s just hope that lunch turns into drinks and drinks turn into live music in the afternoon sunlight...because you’re already totally channelling the vibe.

#4 Spectating

Tennis, Cricket, Polo…whatever your sporting event of choice, why not bring a bit of Boho-Inspo into the mix? The spectating gaze may just rightfully turn over to you in this ensemble:

#4 Top Of The Class 

Today’s activities involve sitting through a lecture...and a tute... and hittin’ up the library... but, really you wish you were basking in the sun and perving on surfer boys. Oh how the education system is flawed! Here’s how to dress to get you through your degree:  


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