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Matt Dawson’s Suckling Pig Glazed Ham | Captain Baxter

By Pip Jarvis
21st Dec 2013

Matt Dawson, Executive Chef at Captain Baxter

I was looking to do something a bit more extravagant than just ham for my family Christmas.  So we got in a suckling pig from western plains, where they have the best suckling pigs.  Everyone loves the sound of suckling pig – it automatically makes their mouths water.


Course – Main
Serves – 8


1 ham leg
1kg salt
1 kg sugar
1kg honey
2 good bunches of thyme
2 peeled oranges
150ml brandy
3 cinnamon quills
5 cardamon pods


Step 1: Start by breaking down the pig in four quarters (legs).

Step 2: Place in salt cure for 12 hours. Salt cure is made up of 1kg salt, 1 kg sugar, 2 bunches of thyme and 2 peeled oranges.

Step 3: Place in brine solution for 12 hours. Brine is made up of 50:50 salt and sugar. Afterwards rinse and place in honey salt solution.

Step 4: Soak for 2 hours in cold water.

Step 5: Smoke using hickory chips.

Step 6: Hang for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks remove skin from the legs but leave the skin on the trotter. Score the fat in diagonal diamonds.

Thickly slice the cumquats and place onto the ham leg using a clove to keep it in place. Cover most of the ham leg for presentation and flavour.

Create the cumquat brown sugar glaze: 150g brandy, 1 cup of sugar, 500g cumquat jam. Paint onto the ham leg and place in the oven for 1 hour, basting every 10 minutes, at 120C to caramelise and until core is 58C.

Remove from oven and let cool or eat straight from the oven.

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All Images: Ryan Noreiks, The Urban List

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